PWA World Cup 2011 Klitmoller.  Photo: PWA/John Carter

2011 PWA World Cup: Wild Waves In Klitmoller Denmark

Winds reaching well over forty knots and waves breaking over mast high thrashed the Klitmoller coastline for three days of epic competition. The ferocious storm brought fierce conditions to the 2011 PWA World Cup.
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PWA Sotavento Fuerteventura Grand Slam 2011.  Photo: PWA/John Carter

Freestyle Winners Of The 2011 PWA Sotavento Fuerteventura Grand Slam

Steven Van Broeckhoven and Sarah-Quita Offringa were declared the winners of the 2011 PWA Grand Slam Freestyle competition after ten days of intense battles in stunning Sotavento.

Daida Ruano Moreno.  Photo: PWA

Koster And Moreno Win PWA World Tour Tenerife 2011

The world’s most incredible wave sailors were blown away by the insane conditions that Tenerife delivered, which allowed Philip Koster and Daida Ruano Moreno to stamp down their authority on the second stop of the 2011 PWA World Tour.

PWA World Cup 2011 Costa Brava.  Photo: PWA/Carter

PWA World Cup Costa Brava: Antoine Albeau Takes Easy Win

The 2011 PWA World Cup in Costa Brava provided the sailors with exceptional slalom conditions. Antoine Albeau coasted into a seemingly effortless win, regaining his confidence for the first time this year.

PWA World Cup 2011 Korea.  PWA / John Carter

PWA World Cup 2011: Winners Reflect on Race in Korea

Bjorn Dunkerbeck sailed to an amazing victory on Korea’s notoriously challenging East Sea, while Valerie Arrighetti defies injury to triumph in the face of adversity.

PWA Grand Slam 2011 Vietnam.  Photo: PWA

Dunkerbeck And Offringa Win 2011 PWA Grand Slam In Vietnam

Following two windless days, the thermal winds of Mui Ne, Vietnam returned to the PWA Grand Slam for an exciting day of final eliminations and surprising victories.

PWA World Tour.  Photo: PWA

PWA Releases Event Calendar For 2011: Three New Locations

The PWA announces the locations of this year's 14 events, guaranteeing that 2011 is going to be a great year for windsurfing on the PWA World Tour. Three exciting new destinations have been confirmed.

Cabo Verde World Cup 2010.  Photo: PWA/John Carter

Victor Fernandez Victorious At 2010 PWA Cabo Verde World Cup

To the disappointment of many, only five man-on-man heats had been completed at the 2010 PWA Cabo Verde World Cup within the nine-day holding period.

Victor Fernandez.  Photo: Michael Sumereder

2010 Interview With Victor Fernandez In Cabo Verde

The 2010 PWA Cabo Verde World Cup came to a slow end and the world's new favorite windsurfer, Victor Fernandez, remained standing as the Wave World Champion. Fernandez speaks his mind...

Colgate World Cup 2010.  Photo: PWA

Colgate World Cup 2010 In Sylt, Germany

Not only will world champions be crowned in men’s slalom, men’s freestyle, and women’s waves, but the sailors will also be fighting their way through heats to claim their share of the €105,000 prize purse.

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