Wakeboard Big Air - Munich Mash 2016

The Wakeboard Big Air event will once again transform the Olympic Lake into the ultimate place to be. For the first time in the history of MASH the international wakeboard elite will gather in Munich for a spectacular contest full of thrills, spills and action. Sixteen of the world’s best wakeboarders will defy gravity on the big air ramp already used successfully at the Red Bull Rising High competition and showcase some of their sickest tricks high above the water. The UNIT Parktech set-up will use the difference in elevation between the upper and lower section of the Olympic Lake in order to give the riders even more momentum and speed for their tricks. Thanks to these two levels and the massive kicker there will be a vertical difference of almost three metres between the lower section of the lake and the take-off lip, catapulting athletes 15 meters through the air to the landing ramp. The set-up also features a number of rails for riders to jib and slide. All in all, riders will be able to sail up to 8m high and 25m long – perfect conditions for tricks never before seen at the Olympic Park in Munich.

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