Nitro World Games 2016

The biggest event in the history of action sports, the Nitro World Games is a riveting three-hour experience—airing live in the U.S. on NBC during prime time—that marks a revolutionary transformation of action sports competition. Created by Nitro Circus CEO and Creative Director Michael Porra with extreme sports icon Travis Pastrana, the Nitro World Games will feature the best athletes from across the globe in action sports’ most exciting and popular disciplines, including freestyle motocross (FMX), BMX, skate, inline and scooter. The Nitro World Games will host the world’s biggest stars and the most accomplished athletes in action sports. It will also feature new disciplines, formats, tricks and all new ramps along with a Nitro-invented live scoring format ensuring fans can totally engage with the competition during every single minute of the Games. Each event will be a final round with everything on the line. Riders will attempt awe-inspiring—and in many cases brand new—tricks, all of which will create intensity on the course, energy in the stadium and must-see television for viewers.

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