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The staff at has searched far and wide for the perfect ski holiday that won't cost you or your family a fortune. Here, you can find ski holiday deals for booking within the best regions of the beautiful Austrian, Italian, Swiss or French Alps.

Thinking of booking a cheap ski holiday for your family, friends or that special someone? On a tight budget and looking for great deals?We offer a range of special deals and while last minute offers can sometimes be available, we recommend that you book well in advance. To get the best prices and discounts in the best locations, book now before there are no more deals left for the next winter season. What better way could you spend your vacation time, than skiing through the most beautiful mountains in Europe?

Sven Plappert. Copyright: Sophie Friedel We offer a wide variety of different types of accommodations ranking from large self managed apartment housing to lovely romantic alpine hotels.  Discount ski holidays can be difficult to find in a sea of scams and pricey holidays.  That's why we have already done the work for you.  Look no further and ensure that you and your loved ones have the most pleasant vacation possible.  We are sure that you won't regret a ski holiday in the European Alps.  Enjoy snowy mountain tops that peak against the bluest skies and come breath in the crisp winter air.  Experiencing the outdoors doesn't get any better than this.

Most hotels and accommodations are located close to the slopes and lift passes are normally included in our deals.  The ski holidays here are orientated for all age groups and lifestyles.  Grab your college buddies, pack up the kids or just get on a plane, because you will find the perfect ski holiday.

Please use the menu to find the deal which best suits your needs.

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Spend unbelievable ski holidays in Germany, Austria, France, Italy or Switzerland! We offer you the best conditions and cheap prices for accomodations in the some of the most magnificently beautiful skiing regions of the Alps in Europe. You can choose all types of boards and self-drive or flights from the United Kingdom.

The ski regions in the Alps hold some of the greatest wonders of Europe. On your next ski holiday, enjoy the snow-covered slopes while gazing up at the majestic mountain peaks. Skiers from around the world book their tickets, make their reservations, and head to this skiing treasure at the heart of Europe. 

Cheap Winter Holidays!

Many of our cheap offers include a lift pass. On this page you will find a wide variety of luxurious apartments in different ski resorts and ski lodges of the alps. Many of the hotels and pensions are located directly within the ski areas or not too far away from the ski regions.

At these skiing locations, a cheap ski holiday does not mean a lacking ski holiday. For a reasonable amount of money you can have a ski holiday with all of the perks and comforts that make your vacation time extra special.

So find your perfect accomodation in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France or Austria!

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