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Book skate camp vacations with All Star for skateboarders of all ages. Skate programs are oriented for kids, teens and adults. Vacation camps in the USA, Australia and more! Learn new skills from the world's best skateboarders!

 Copyright: All Star AdventuresAll Star offers a unique spin on skate camps in places throughout the USA such as Colorado, Oregon, Las Vegas, and in the Cayman Islands or Australia. These vacation camps offer something for skaters of all ages and experience levels. Skate programs are organized into three age categories for kids, teens and adults.  Star skaters and top skate coaches lead the tours and camps, offering fun-filled days skating both street and park styles.  Skate camps with All Star offer the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and meet people with similar interests. 

Skate Camps for Kids

This skate program is no babysitting service.  In contrast to the typical day camp or summer camp, youth work in focused sessions with the best guides to advance their skills.  Sleepaway camps and programs that last the entire summer are also available throughout the world. 

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Skate Camps for Teens

Vacation programs for teens set the bar a bit higher and provide the opportunity for today's skateboarding youth to pick up new tricks and learn from the big guns of the trade. Various skate camps last from as short as one day to as long as sleepaway camps for the entire summer.  Prepare to be challenged at one of these skate camps from around the world. 

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Skate Camps for Adults

Gain a new level of expertise at these special skate camps for adults.  Vacation programs are designed to give the adult skateboarder the chance to relax with fellow skateboarders while expanding his or her abilities.

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They don't just go to the skateparks that everyone already knows about. They also have a collection of street spots and private locales to keep your skate feet happy. And to top it all off you'll get to skate all these places with some new friends and teachers that rip! Don't miss out on All Star skate camps and vacation programs for kids, teens, and adults!

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