Anklelite Bike Leg Band or Arm Band with Solar Powered Lights

Anklelite Bike Leg Band or Arm Band with Solar Powered Lights

Anklelite Bike Leg Band and Arm BandA comfortable leg or arm band with built in lights that are solar powered!The Anklelite is a unique and innovative light-energy (solar) powered, eco-friendly lighting product worn around the ankle or on the arm, keeping you safe on the roads while commuting to and from work and while out jogging or walking. Use the band to keep your pants out of your chain, while at the same time,make yourself visible to motorists. The anklelite is perfect for children outside at night.Featuring adjustable straps, the anklelite fits all sizes of riders and can be worn with or without pants while providing 360 degree lighting - without the need for batteries.A large unique floodlight module is attached to straps that fit comfortably around your angle with high-visibility reflective strips on both sides for extra safety. The lights shine brightly from every angle allowing you to be seen by motorists any time of the day or night. The lights can be turned on and off and set to different modes of flashing, constant or off.The extremely light-weight Ankelite is weather and impact resistant. It is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Maintenance free and very ""green"" with the use of solar power.Special Features: Can be worn by cyclists, horse riders, children and other sports people Can also be used as an arm light, on the upper or lower arm Fits all ankle sizes with or without trousers and over boots Lightweight (only 85 grams!) and comfortable Weather and impact resistant Powered by stored natural and artificial light energy Hi visibility reflective strips No batteries or mains charging required 6+ hours of flashing light from a full charge Unique Pedalite 360 degree floodlight module Constant or flashing modes Unique technology to help you put safety first


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