2010 Interview With Victor Fernandez In Cabo Verde

The 2010 PWA Cabo Verde World Cup came to a slow end and the world's new favorite windsurfer, Victor Fernandez, remained standing as the Wave World Champion. Fernandez speaks his mind...

Victor Fernandez.  Photo: Michael SumerederA new Wave World Champion was crowned at the PWA Cabo Verde World Cup. After 9 days of waiting for wind and waves, the event had no official results.

A normally timid Victor Fernandez was ecstatic after realizing his victory and stopped to share his thoughts in a quick interview.

"I am so happy to win the title here on Sal with my father and friends," said Fernandez. "I reached my goal and it has been a great year for me"

Reflecting on the past nine days, Fernandez expressed disappointment with the poor conditions, but was nonetheless  overwhelmed with joy.

"I expected great conditions here on Sal but it did not happen. We had such good conditions the last 3 years it is hard to believe that we did not even get one good day. It was so much waiting and a real rollercoaster for me."

After a successful event, the new champion is looking forward to a bit of down time with those most important to him.

"I fly home tomorrow. I will be so happy. I want to see my girlfriend, family and friends to celebrate this moment together," explained Fernandez. "Now I want to relax a bit at home, spend Christmas with family. Then I'll go to Cape Town to train and test my equipment."

Fernandez admits that he shocked by his success in the sport of windsurfing and he is still coming to terms with his new position alongside his childhood heros.

"When I was a kid, it was fascinating to watch movies from the best riders in the world. Björn, Naish, Polakow, Goya... Now I am a world champion myself. I think the 10th wave world champion...and i cant believe that I am in that group now. UNREAL."

Victor Fernandez.  Photo: Michael SumerederIn spite of this year's lack of wind, Fernandez feels that Cabo Verde should remain a tour spot in future seasons.

"I hope that we are here next year. Sal is an excellent windsurfing destination and deserves a world cup. We all want to be back."

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