2011 PWA World Cup: Wild Waves In Klitmoller Denmark

Winds reaching well over forty knots and waves breaking over mast high thrashed the Klitmoller coastline for three days of epic competition. The ferocious storm brought fierce conditions to the 2011 PWA World Cup.

PWA World Cup 2011 Klitmoller.  Photo: PWA/John CarterKlitmoller lived up to its name of Cold Hawaii and provided insane conditions for the third stop on the 2011 PWA World Tour.

The storm really kicked in on the second day of competition, bringing with it extreme conditions and forcing the sailors out on their smallest equipment. With two wave rides and two jumps counting towards their scores, the sailors were fired up and quickly attempting their most impressive moves.

It was no surprise that the top four spots were filled by Kauli Seadi, Victor Fernandez Lopez, Ricardo Campello, and Philip Koster.

Lopez and Campello made it to the Winner's Final, while Seadi and Koster were set against each other in the Loser's Final.

A wild battle between Seadi and Koster saw both parties charging around for the largest ramps and finest waves to ride, Seadi had been selecting the best all day, but this time it wasn’t enough to stop Koster from taking the win.

Campello’s winning streak continued into the winners final and he went on to defeat Fernandez Lopez with his astounding double forwards and an 11.5 point scoring pushloop forward.

The sailor that caused the most carnage in the double elimination was Traversa. Traversa made his way into fourth position by ripping the waves to pieces taking down Horrocks, Danielsen, and Seadi.

Having sailed four astounding heats in Klitmoller, Traversa was still firing with all guns blazing in his heat against Koster, throwing big backside aerials and super aggressive frontside hits, whilst Koster spent the first half of the heat looking slightly underpowered.

However in one swift minute Koster stormed into the lead with a perfect bolt upright double forward loop and a humongous backloop, allowing him to advance on to face Fernandez Lopez.

Just one heat separated Koster from the world title, if he defeated Fernandez Lopez he would walk away as the 2011 world champion, and if he lost, Fernandez Lopez would be in with a chance of taking the title.

Not one to let the pressure get the better of him, Koster sailed the heat of his life, with a planning double forward loop, a backside 360 and reverse on one wave. Shortly after Koster was awarded the 2011 world champion title, having won the heat with a 5-0 decision from the judges.

However, Koster still had to face Ricardo Campello for first place in the event. Koster wowed the crowds with his scale-braking wave rides where he was awarded twelve points for one ride that included an insane one-handed goiter and a taka. Campello tried his hardest to slay the master with his double forward but there was no stopping Koster.

For Koster to win the event, he had to defeat Campello for a second time in the Super-Final. Koster launched into a wave 360, landed back in the wave, and boosted straight into a huge double forward on the way out. Campello replied with a monster double forward in front of the judges, but Koster's four mind-blowing heats earned him the 2011 world title and the event win.


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