Dunkerbeck And Offringa Win 2011 PWA Grand Slam In Vietnam

Following two windless days, the thermal winds of Mui Ne, Vietnam returned to the PWA Grand Slam for an exciting day of final eliminations and surprising victories.

PWA Grand Slam 2011 Vietnam.  Photo: PWAThe action opened at the 2011 PWA Grand Slam in Vietnam with the men’s winners final from race one, which was won in convincing fashion by Bjorn Dunkerbeck. The second slalom elimination did not end well for both Cyril Moussilmani, who false started, and Finian Maynard, who didn't qualify for the final.

In the winners final, it was business as usual for Antoine Albeau at the front of the fleet. Björn Dunkerbeck was in hot pursuit in second and Spaniard Ludo Jossin in third.

In the women’s second race, Karin Jaggi rose to the challenge to take a convincing elimination victory ahead of Sarah-Quita Offringa, who was becoming a serious threat to the top spot. Alice Arutkin was in third.

Moving to the men’s third elimination, the drama really began to unfold in Vietnam when Dunkerbeck was taken down on the start line by a catapulting Cedric Bordes, crushing his chances of advancing to the winners final.

The men’s winners final was dominated by Antoine Albeau. In his wake, the Netherlands Peter Volwater sailed a near text book heat to award him second position and Julien Quentel finished with a solid third in the race. 

PWA Grand Slam 2011 Vietnam.  Photo: PWAThe women’s third elimination saw Offringa continue in good form right through to the winners final, where she left Turkey’s Lena Erdil in second and World Champion Karen Jaggi in third.

The final race was full of intense action, since the men’s event title lay wide open for a number of challengers. Things got even more heated when Albeau fell during his semi final. This placed his title hopes at the mercy of Dunkerbeck’s performance in the winners final.

After some quick calculations, it was found that if Dunkerbeck finished eighth or above, he’d steal the title from Albeau, ninth or lower, Albeau would secure it for himself. The race final was thick with anticipation as the normally collected Dunkerbeck made a catastrophic error and went down mid race.

Albeau thought that this was his lucky break, however, Dunkerbeck was not out of the running yet. The sensational windsurfer proceeded to systematically rein it in until he was battling Gonzalo Costa Hoevel for eighth place in the last stretch of the race. In a nose-to-nose finish, Dunkerbeck secured the vital eighth position, just inches ahead of his competitor.

The women’s final elimination at the 2011 PWA Grand Slam saw Sarah-Quita Offringa prove herself as a serious slalom World Title contender, after she skillfully defeated Karen Jaggi and Morane Demont for the race victory.


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PWA Grand Slam 2011 Vietnam.  Photo: PWA

PWA Grand Slam 2011: Day 2 In Vietnam

In conditions mirroring the single elimination, Day 2 of the 2011 PWA Grand Slam got underway in a steady 25 knot cross onshore breeze, with moderate sized chop over most of the sailing area.

PWA Grand Slam 2011 Vietnam.  Photo: PWA

PWA Grand Slam 2011: Day 3 In Vietnam

Despite Jose Estredo's attempts to knock Kiri Thode from his pedestal, Thode continues to dominate at the 2011 PWA Grand Slam in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Both competitors have been forced to push the boundaries of windsurfing.

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