PWA Grand Slam 2011: Day 3 In Vietnam

Despite Jose Estredo's attempts to knock Kiri Thode from his pedestal, Thode continues to dominate at the 2011 PWA Grand Slam in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Both competitors have been forced to push the boundaries of windsurfing.

PWA Grand Slam 2011 Vietnam.  Photo PWAThe results in Mui Ne, Vietnam did not significantly change, as Bonaire’s Kiri Thode successfully defended his lead on Day 3 of the 2011 PWA Grand Slam. Venezuela’s Jose Estredo remains the runner up.

With a thermal wind by which you can quite literally set your watch, it was business as usual when the fleet took to the water shortly after one o’clock. As the opening heats ran their course, it became obvious that the sailors were adjusting to the tricky conditions of the Mui Ne bay.

The first upset of the day was the unfortunate news that Belgium’s Steven Van Broeckhoven would not be competing in the day’s competition, after he sustained a knee injury.

When the dust had settled after the super charged second round of heats, Dieter Van Der Eyken took on Taty Frans and Philip Soltysiak challenged Jose Estredo in the first set of quarter finals.

Underdogs Van Der Eyken and Soltysiak were set to put up a fight against their high and mighty rivals, but both did not prevail, despite a super close 2-1 judging decision for Taty Frans over Van Der Eyken and a spirited performance Soltysiak.

In the second set of quarter finals, Tonky Frans met little resistance from Yarden Meir, and Davy Scheffers fell hard when he went head to head with Kiri Thode.

The semi finalists were exactly the same competitors as in the first single elimination, but this time Taty Frans was up against Estredo, and Tonky Frans sparred with Thode.

First up were Taty Frans and Jose Estredo, in what was perhaps the most memorable heat of the day. Not only did Estredo pull far and away the biggest air chachoo of the event thus far, but Frans defied both gravity and convention to pull the first double forward of the event. Following a super difficult judging decision, Estredo advanced.

When Tonky Frans met Thode, several crashed moves from Frans allowed Thode and his near impeccable score sheet to move forward in the event. The third Thode versus Estredo final in Vietnam ended in Thode's favor.


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PWA Grand Slam 2011 Vietnam.  Photo: PWA

PWA Grand Slam 2011: Day 1 In Vietnam

High expectations plus clear, blue skies and warm water provided for an amazing day of competition in Mui Ne, Vietnam - Asia’s first ever PWA freestyle Grand Slam.

PWA Grand Slam 2011 Vietnam.  Photo: PWA

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In conditions mirroring the single elimination, Day 2 of the 2011 PWA Grand Slam got underway in a steady 25 knot cross onshore breeze, with moderate sized chop over most of the sailing area.

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