Colgate World Cup 2010: Albeau And Estredo Dominante In Sylt, Germany

From the 24th September through to the 3rd October Sylt’s Brandenburger Strand played host to the PWA’s most impressive windsurfers in a spectacular end of season finale for the disciplines of freestyle, slalom, and women’s waves.

Colgate World Cup 2010.  Photo: PWAFollowing the epic surf and gales of last year at the Colgate World Cup in Sylt, Germany, it was unlikely that the PWA would be quite so lucky with the conditions again. However, a gusty cross-offshore breeze was enough for the racers and freestylers to turn plenty of heads and draw attention to the water, but wasn’t quite sufficient for any world-class wave competition.

The huge crowds witnessed the world’s most tricked up board riders flipping and styling their way to victory on the North Sea over two consecutive days allowing a full single elimination to be completed.

Due to the extremely gusty nature of the wind head judge, Duncan Coombs decided to try out a new format in which heat durations were almost doubled, and tricks counted minimized.

Four times PWA freestyle world champion, Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo (Fanatic, North) rose to the top of the crop in the new pump and play heat format by fighting with a tactical formula out at the back of the contest area.

Anthony Ruenes (Tabou, Vandal) was the first to put up a fight, but his efforts of going big all too often ended with a splash. Next up, Canadian, Philip Soltysiak (Starboard, Dakine) tried to take down the champ, but the Venezuelan continued with his tactical game, tricking it up in the gusts out the back, to leave his opponents wallowing around in the lulls.

The final was another showdown of epic proportions with 2009 Sylt freestyle champion, Taty Frans (Starboard, MauiSails, Mystic) fighting hard with Estredo. In the end, the international judging panel gave it to Estredo with a 4-1 decision for pulling off cleaner and higher moves in the toughest of conditions.

With no swell on the horizon, the slalom sailors got their chance to impress Sylt’s spectators as soon as the freestylers had finished their single elimination.

French racing legend, Antoine Albeau was crowned the king of slalom for the fifth consecutive year following an extremely consistent year on tour in which he never failed to finish out of the top two!

His nearest rival, thirty-five times world champion, Bjorn Dunkerbeck came an extremely close second, missing out on the title by just one point. And, another Frenchman, Cyril Moussilmani claimed the final spot on the podium after an extremely close battle with both Finian Maynard, and Micah Buzianis.


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Kauli Seadi.  Photo: PWA

Kauli Seadi Wins Kia Cold Hawaii In Denmark

Three times former world champion, Kauli Seadi claims his first ever Klitmoller crown after a series of intense battles and heavy hitting in the North Sea.

Colgate World Cup 2010.  Photo: PWA

Colgate World Cup 2010 In Sylt, Germany

Not only will world champions be crowned in men’s slalom, men’s freestyle, and women’s waves, but the sailors will also be fighting their way through heats to claim their share of the €105,000 prize purse.

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