German wake stars on top of the WWA Europe Wake Park Series 2009

German wake stars like Freddy von Osten, Andy Kolb and Stephan Flamm dominate the rankings of the WWA Europe Wake Park Series 2009.

WWA Europe Wake Park Series 2009 Foto: Michael MuldeThree well established events set the stage and brought the wake world together this season for some action packed wakeboarding and wakeskating. Large cash prizes, overall bonuses and the chance to earn prestigious titles enticed riders from all over the region to participate at the 2009 WWA Europe Wake Park Series (EWPS). With over 70,000 Dollar in total cash prizes on the line, a progressive one lap format and widespread support from the wake community, the 2009 EWPS proved a huge success in setting higher standards for competitive wake sports in the region!

The Ukrainian Wake Park Open at X-TractionPark in Kiev kicked off the series on August 21st, followed by the Foster’s Cup at Cable-Island in Magdeburg, Germany and concluding at Princes Club near London at the King of Cable. WWA Europe is proud to have partnered with the some of the finest Wake Parks for this series, creating ideal competition venues for riders, fans, media and for sponsors to showcase their products and also scout out “the next best thing” in riding and overall trends in the sport. 

Europe is home to a diverse and growing field of talented wake riders and the EWPS is a great platform from which to expose not only existing, but new and emerging talent coming onto the scene.

“The WWA Europe Series put a lot of energy into the sport,” said Freddy Von Osten from Germany, winner of the overall title for Pro Men. The same can also be said of 16 year old Freddy who has earned that top spot with his explosive riding and impressive technical skills on the water.

Both Von Osten and Pro Women’s winner, 17 year old Tor Young from England are definitely getting noticed and making some serious marks on the Pro competition circuit.

"I'm really happy to win this overall series and traveling to different events has been a great experience” said Tor.

Andy Kolb from Germany also demonstrated why he is one of the best wakeskaters in Europe, securing the overall series win in that division. Known to many as a fun-loving guy, Andy had this to say when asked about his overall thoughts on the series: "The WWA Europe Series is a great way to meet new friends, visit new places and to wakeskate, of course. I really enjoyed being at all the stops and can't wait for another tour in 2010.”

Big thumbs up to Freddy, Tor and Andy for their wins!

On the amateur side, top honors go to Junior Men’s rider Nick Lewis and Master’s Men rider Stephan Flamm, both from Germany. The top three competitors from both amateur divisions will be rewarded with all-inclusive packages to Hip-NoticsWakePark in Antalya, Turkey.  

Overall WWA Europe Rankings: 

PRO MEN:                                            
1. GER Frederic Von Osten (251)    
2. GER Felix Georgii (211)    
3. GER Peter-Pascal Schmidt (191)     
3. GER Tom Richter (191)     
5. GER Nico Von Lerchenfeld (160)     

1. ENG Tor Young (280)     
2. ENG Alexandria Gardiner (205)     
3. NETH Maxine Sapulette (190)     

1. GER Andy Kolb (270)      
2. AUT Kevin Cobb (235)       
3. USA Bret Little (190)

1. GER Nick Lewis (160)
2. UKR Dima Smichok (100)   
2. GER Felix Schneider (100) 
2. HUN Szebazstian Szolath (100)  

1. GER Stephan Flamm (235)
2. GER Andreas Voss (160)
3. NETH Jan Kerkhoven (100)

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