T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2009 in Hamburg

There will be some world class action in the Wasserski-Arena Pinneberg near Hamburg when the best wakeboarders are going to compete against each other on August 30th for the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2009 title.

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2009 Foto: Jochen MelchiorAction sports world class in Hamburg! On August 30th, Wakeboarding World Champion Mike Ketellapper from the Netherlands and European Champion Dominik Gührs from Munich will meet their toughest contestants at the Wasserski-Arena Pinneberg near Hamburg, to fight the battle over the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds 2009 title. As the official finals of the WWA Wake Park World Series, the event also has confirmed last years winner Tom Fooshee from Texas, among others. And for the first time, the world’s best wakeskaters and female wakeboarders are going to start at the Summer Session as well. Confirmed here: Acting World Champion Maxine Sapulette from the Netherlands. International top-level can be found at the BMX Miniramp competition as well: US hero and X-Games bronze medalist Rob Darden is going to be along for the ride, as is acting German Champion Tobias Wicke.

Germany is Number One when it comes to wakeboarding! Within the last eight years, German athletes have managed to rack up a total of 41 medals, leaving action sports strongholds like Great Britain, Holland and the USA in the dust! Germany’s wakeboarding community counts 50.000 active members. There’s more than 50 cable facilities in Germany. 2010, the official Wakeboarding World Championships are going to take place near Berlin, giving the world’s top athletes a good reason for a trip to Germany.

Before that, however, the best wakeboarders are going to meet at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds. Co-operation partners World Wakeboard Association have labelled the Summer Session the finals of the WWA Wake Park World Series. Preceding tour stops were the Phillippines, Brazil, Florida, Japan and Canada. Hamburg will be so much more exciting – being the showdown between last year’s winner and 2008 World Champion Tom Fooshee, acting World Champion Mike Ketellapper, freshly crowned European Champion Dominik Gührs and threefold World Champion, sixfold European Champ, and sixfold German Champion Bernhard Hinterberger from Upper Bavaria.

The big premier: For the first time, the WWA Wake Park Series top four female wakeboarders are going to start at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds. Among these will be the undisputed number one of the ranking, Maxine Sapulette from Holland. Colleague Tom Fooshee says about Sapulette: „She’s better than 75% of the men!“ On top of that, there will be four international top wakeskaters competing. Already confirmed is the 2007 US Champ Bret Little.

That’s not all. Hamburg will be hosting an international BMX Miniramp competition as well. Competing are X-Games bronze medalist and T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds winner Rob Darden from USA, DEW Tour winner Dennis Enarson from California and the acting German Champion Tobias Wicke from Berlin – just to name a few. All in all, the roster encompasses 36 world-class riders: 14 BMX, 14 wakeboarding, four female wakeboarders, four wakeskaters and three live bands.

The tickets are highly sought after – last year’s Summer Session was completely sold out! Hence the slogan: There’s no time like the present, a stitch in time saves nine! Tickets are available for 23 Euros (plus fees) through advance sales. Saveaholics should get their hands on the 5-Friends-Ticket, which costs for four heads, but admits five persons for just 92 Euros (plus fees). All tickets are valid HVV trains return tickets (DB 2nd class) on the day of the event.

Infos and tickets: www.t-mobile-playgrounds.de




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