CWWC Sukay Park World Finals threatened by interruption

The good atmosphere of the final weekend of the Sukay Park World Trophy 2009 in Bursa, Turkey, was overshadowed by dark clouds and stormy winds. Thanks to the organizers the Wakeboard competition was able to continue an hour later.

Sukay Park World Trophy 2009 Foto: VeranstalterIt started out absolutely beautiful: The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the video wall delivered amazing shots. More than 5.000 spectators were highly anticipating the final rounds of the world's best riders at the Sukay Park World Trophy Finals 2009 in Bursa.

During the Junior Men final a thunderstorm came out of nowhere and within seconds the event area turned dark and into a big mess. Overthrown advertising boards and by the wind uncovered tribunes were just the beginning as the video wall was slowly going down and almost fell on one of the towers. The cautious organizers did everything to continue the competition with one hour delay.

Sukay Park World Trophy 2009 Foto: VeranstalterAt 16:00 local time it was decided who is winning the Junior Men category. Moritz Petri (GER) was able to place first, right before Rene Konrad (GER) and Freddie Carter (GB). Due to the bad weather it was decided to run the Open Men final straight after the Juniors so the big stars would be definitely shown on the live stream. What happened on the water was the expected big battle of the world's best riders. In the end it was Tom Fooshee (USA) who proofed his extraordinary level of riding and Nick Davies (GB) and Dominik Gührs (GER) settled with place
two and three. Hence the 10.000 US Dollar prize money are going back to the US with Tom Fooshee. The 5.000$ were unsurprisingly picked up by Maxine Sapulette (NL)

With his 4th place this weekend, Mike Ketellapper (NL) was able to defeat his number one position in the world ranking and stays right on top - he still is the number one in the world. Right behind him are the current European Champion Dominik Guehrs (GER) and Nick Davies (GB).

As expected the ladie's ranking is dominated by Maxine Sapulette (NL). Both Maxine and Mike can now take their yellow jersey back to the Netherlands as the best ranked riders of the world.

The Sukay Park World Trophy is over and impressively demonstrated the high level of riding and professionalism that can be expected from future events. It's a pity that the bad weather ruined this amazing experience for all the spectators and people involved.

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