Wakeboarders fight for the Sukay Park World Trophy 2009 in Bursa

From the 2nd to the 4th of October, the world's best cablewakeboarder will meet for the CWWC Tour Final, in Turkey's 4th largest city, Bursa. The Sukay Park, one of Europe's most beautiful wakeboard parks, was the place for the 2008 European Championships.

Sukay World Trophy 2009 Foto: VeranstalterIn four days the Sukay Park World Trophy 2009 will take place in Turkey, Bursa from the 2nd until the 4th of October.

The organization of the highest cash prize event in the history of the CWWC Tour is made by the city administration of Osmangazi. As in 2008, the international operating Agency for sports-communication ID+MA from Germany will be realizing this event again. Preparations are in the final stage and the administration anticipates much interest from media and the population.

The finals will be streamed live on the internet and classic TV stations have the chance to grab the live signal, too. International media-cooperations are being sorted out right now. Six cameras will be on location to capture the best pictures, interviews and impressions live from Turkey. The fans will be able to watch the action as
close as possible on big screens all around the cable.

Eligible for entering the competition are only the top-categories which will guarantee a high level of riding. The open as well as the junior categories' standard is extremely high right now which was proofed four weeks ago at the second CWWC Tour Stop in Ukkohalla. The winner of the final stop will be rewarded with a massive 10.000 US-Dollar cash prize.

Sukay World Trophy 2009 Foto: VeranstalterThis should make the top rider from abroad, like Tom Foshee, Keith Lidberg or Sam Collins very interested in coming over although they have low expectations for the overall ranking, which still misses some more international registered events overseas. But from 2010 we should expect the top rider's from PAN/AM and A/A to
get their chance on the international stage.

The best ranked riders from the CWWC World Ranking and the overall winners of the CWWC Tour will be rewarded in Turkey too. It is still open and nothing is decided yet. Out of the 20 best ranked riders in the Open Men category, 15 have the chance to improve their ranking money. This means for the top five riders that they definitely have to defend their placements within the rest of the season. There are still some registered competitions coming on in Croatia, Germany and the Netherlands which will influence the rankings during September until it comes down to all or nothing in Bursa in October.
So, on October second, when the first ropes take the riders through the Sukay Park, everyone needs to access their maximum power.

These are the perfect conditions for one of the most tense competitions in cablewakeboarding to be seen live. Whether right there or via live stream - see who is getting the CWWC Rankings' yellow lycra in the end.

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