Interview with Wakeboarder Tom Fooshee

The 24 year old Wakeboarder Tom Fooshee is telling in the interview what he loves most about his sport and why he is participating for the third time at the Extrme Playgrounds 2009.

Tom Fooshee Interview 2009 Foto: Patrick PrillHow long have you been wakeboarding for? How come you picked up this particular sport?
I have been wakeboarding for over 8 years now. I choose wakeboarding for two reasons: not only riding is a ton of fun but also the environment wakeboarding creates is amazing!  I mean how awesome is it to be on the boat or at the cable park with a ton of beautiful ladies in bikinis? Wakeboarding is just genius!

What are your biggest achievements to date?
Becoming Wake Park world champion and Wake Park world series overall champion (by winning  4 of the 5 stops) in 2008. And I achieved my bachelor degree from Texas State University this year.

Is it your first time at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds? 
No way! I am a 2 time Extreme Playgrounds champion, I have a title to defend.

Do you enjoy coming over to Germany for a big contest like the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds? 
Of course!  It is the best contest that I have ever been to. 

Have you been to Hamburg before and how do you like it here? 
I love Hamburg! The people, the food, the city, the nightlife and of course the Summer Session! All these elements are important to make Hamburg such a fun and special place to come and enjoy.

Do you enjoy riding at the Waterski Arena Pinneberg? What makes it special? 
I love the cable park in Pinneberg!  The obstacles in the park are top notch and a ton of fun to ride.
Having trees surround the whole lake is incredible!  It blocks the wind so well and it also makes a great arena for people to come check out wakeboarding.

What do you think about the concept of the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds combining action sports and music?
They definitely got the right idea, music and sports go together very well! T-Mobile combines the best sports with the best music so people are getting world class entertainment right to their own personal viewing when they attend the Extreme Playgrounds.

What kind of music do you listen to? Are you looking forward to seeing Rise Against rock the crowd? 
You know it!!!!  I love all kinds of music. I really like to listen to some gangster hip hop when I am rolling with my homies but when I am wakeboarding I love to listen to punk style music.  Rise Against will be a great addition to the Extreme Playgrounds.

Tom Fooshee Interview 2009 Foto: Benjamin WiedenhoferThe T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds also host the finale of the WWA Wake Park World Series. How significant is this contest compared to other competitions? What meaning has it to you personally to be part of it? 
This is just the best of the best.  The Summer Session ends the whole Wake Park World Series with the best stop of them all. But there is a lot on the line other than just winning, they also crown the whole tour’s overall champion.

For the first time female riders will start at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds. Would you like to compete against them or would you fear they could do a better job than you? 
Actually I’m glad to see the women competing. In general, there is a big separating between the women and the men when it comes to riding.  Maxine is a different story though, she absolutely rips!! She looks better and rides better than 75% of the men.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not on a wakeboard?
I really enjoy surfing a lot, especially the river wave that is a few blocks from my house.  I also like to snorkel, skate mini ramps and big bowls and I am starting to pick up kneeboarding professionally. No, just kidding!

Were or are there any idols? What abilities make a good wakeboarder?
You have to be dedicated and motivated to be a good wakeboarder, like in most sports.  It takes a lot of heart and soul to pursue something to this level.

Have you ever tried wake skating? How do you like it compared to wakeboarding?
Actually, I love to wake skate a lot and I do it pretty often at the cable. But I suck at it so I leave it behind professionally.

Rituals: How do you prepare for a competition? Do you bring a lucky charm? What are your sources of inspiration or support?
My sources of inspiration are my friends that travel with me. That helps to have a good time and I also have someone to talk my run over with.  My good luck charms seem to be Donald S. and Earl Ball, great guys that really help me out and keep my head on top of my shoulders.

Where do you see wakeboarding in 10 years time? And where do you see yourself? 
Hopefully not too old and still in the game. Wakeboarding in 10 years will be unreal!  I cannot imagine what it will be like due to the progression that is happening right now.  Winching will be on a whole other level in 10 years though.


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