Extreme Playgrounds: BMX and Wakeboarding in Hamburg

Wakeboard World Champion Tom Fooshee and German master Bernhard Hinterberger will join in the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds in Hamburg where the WWA Wake Park World Series Finals at the Wasserski Arena in Hamburg/Pinneberg take place at 24th August.

Wakeboarding-Action at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds in Pinneberg near Hamburg.  photo: organizerTwo action packed sports and the best riders in the world! T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds presents the world's best wakeboard cable riders and BMXers on Sunday, 24th August in Hamburg. Current wakeboard world champion Tom Fooshee (USA), Sam Collins (AUS) and Mike Ketellapper (NL) as well as two-time BMX world champion Dave Osato (CAN) will take part. After tour stops in Toulouse, the Philippines, Kiev and Copenhagen, the international World Wakeboard Association decided to have its WWA Wake Park World Series 2008 Finals in Hamburg.

The international wakeboard and BMX elite marked the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds event at the Wasserski Arena Pinneberg as the highlight in their contest calendar. Whoever made it to this level, be it as a set rider or as a qualifier via the T-Mobile Local Support Challenges, has to be prepared for one of the most challenging contests in the world .

Under the patronage of the World Wakeboard Association 14 internationally set top riders and qualifiers will compete at the Wake Park World Series 2008 Finals in Hamburg. Up to now the wakeboard division has confirmed three top riders: current wakeboard world champion Tom Fooshee (USA), vice world champion Sam Collins (AUS) and Mike Ketellapper (NL). Furthermore, there will be multiple German champion and world champion Bernhard Hinterberger, 4-time Austrian champion Daniel Fetz, wakeboard godfather Rob Mapp (USA), 2-time German champ Peter-Pascal Schmidt (GER), wakeboard world champion Nick Davies (GB) as well as the European champ Lior Sofer from Israel.

BMX-Rider at the Extreme Playgrounds in Pinneberg near Hamburg.  photo: organizerThe top-notch list goes on: 2-time BMX world champion Dave Osato (CA), German master Tobias Wicke and his competitor from Berlin, Markus Braumann, Brad Simms and Brian Kachinsky (both USA), Ben Hennon (UK), the french top rookie Arthur Dietrich (FR) as well as the young guns Ondra Slez, 18, from the Czech Republic and 17-year-old English boy Harry Main, who was placed 5th at this year's BMX Masters in Cologne, will all compete in the BMX miniramp.

Key data:Wakeboard & BMX Parcours
The wakeboard parcours is 400 meters long and has 4 obstacles. Patrick Unger, wakeboard pro and in charge of the wakeboard section at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds: „During the run-up towards the kicker the riders accelerate up to 70 km/h and fly up to 11 meters above water level. When slamming at such speed, the water is hard as concrete. I screwed up my eardrums several times because of that!“ The „KGB 540“ will be one of the hardest tricks that will be performed at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds. You rotate 540 degrees while doing a backflip. The BMX miniramp at the Wasserski Arena Pinneberg will be 20 meters long and 9 meters wide. Both riders and bikes will fly up, up and up to 6 meters.

Contest and rules
The riders will show their skills in head-to-head runs and the judges will make their decisions. The rider with more points will proceed to the next round whereas the loser is doomed to just watch the contest. After the first round the crowd can choose a „Lucky Loser“ who can join the competition again. Each second round rider has only one run and that will be about it. Finally, it's up to the judges, all experts in their categories, to make a choise.

Ams and pros that haven’t been invited to the wakeboard and BMX contests have a chance to enter the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds. They simply need to compete at the T-Mobile Local Support Wakeboard Challenge at the Wasserski-Arena, Hamm, 19th July; or at the German Open BMX Miniramp Contest in Berlin, 1st-3rd August. The top three pro riders of each contest will automatically be qualified for the competition in Hamburg. The most versatile amateur in Hamm and Berlin will get a T-Mobile-Wildcard.

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds
After a great take-off last year, and a successful Dirt Session in mountainbike slope style and BMX dirt jump in Duisburg this April, T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds continues to combine sports and concerts in a unique way. International top athletes compete against each other at three contests a year in order to cash in the huge amounts of price money. Furthermore, the latest and hottest bands like Mando Diao, Pennywise and Anti-Flag provide the accompaying festival feeling.


Adam Errington beim Red Bull Wakeberg vor Neufundland.  Foto: Red Bull/ Christian Pondella

Red Bull Wakeberg: Iceberg ahead!

If you suddenly find an iceberg in your way during wakeboarding you’re either having a bad dream after watching Titanic – or you’re participating in Red Bull Wakeberg.

BMXer und Wakeboarder zeigten bei den T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds in Pinneberg ihr Können.  Foto: Jochen Melchior

Extreme Playgrounds in Pinneberg: night shift for BMX riders and wakeboarder

Over 5.500 visitors witnessed an absolute miracle at the Summer Session in Pinneberg. Hours prior the start of the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds, tons of rain made it almost impossible to conduct the contest.


Wakeboard Videos

Spectacular action on water: Check out our wakeboarding video section! We have tons of wake clips and video footage for you! It´s all free!

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