Cable Wakeboard European Championships 2009 in Ukkohalla: Nick Davies back on top

At the second CWWC Tour Stop the top riders of the scene impressed everyone with their amazing riding. Compared to yesterday they managed to keep the youngsters at distance.

Cable Wakeboard EM 2009 Ukkohalla Foto: VeranstalterAt this incredible wakepark in Ukkohalla at the Cable Wakeboard European Championships 2009 they performed under perfect conditions. Who can stay at the top of the world ranking? The leading riders of today made up the points they missed from the European Championships.

In the Open Ladies category everything went according to plan for the Dutch Maxine Sapulette. She was able to reach place one and 500 points extending her advantage in the ranking. Great Britain's secret weapon Kirsten Mitchell and Steph Caller gained 400 and 320 points for themselves.

In the Open Men Nick Davies from Great Britain reached the top position with his absolutely incredible first run. Nevertheless his competitors risked everything to hunt him. Lior Sofer from Israel risked too much and missed the handle right in front of the motor tower. Dominik Guehrs from Germany had the same disappointment in his second run. The Dutch Mike Ketellapper also did not complete his second run and when Nick started his it was already confirmed that he Davies in first position and will earn 500 points for the current Sukay Park CWWC World Ranking.

Cable Wakeboard EM 2009 Ukkohalla  Foto: VeranstalterThe current world rankings will be published on Monday and everyone can watch how they develope during the season.


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