Countdown for 10 th Cable Wakeboard European Championships starts

In four weeks the first rider will arrive in Bursa to compete at European Championships. From the 17th -19th of October the best wakeboarders of Europe will fight for the medals.

Guido.  Copyright: OrganiserJust in time the new teaser for this Championships is online at So all riders are invited to come to this wonderful new cableway in Turkey and to promote the sport in this country. Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets in Cable Wakeboarding. In the coming years we will have few more cableways here.

After the World Championships - held in Anapa last weekend - it is the second biggest IWSF Event this year. Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Israel and France will be the biggest teams during that competition.

The Organizers expect more than 19 nations with over 90 riders. A minimum four obstacles will be in the water. An 18 meter long funbox, a 12 meter long table and two kickers. There are also plans to have a transition kicker at Bursa cablepark.

Opening Bursa.  Copyright: OrganiserPresenter of the 10th Cablewakeboard European Championships is once again the Netherlands Fashion Label PROTEST. Their team Riders Maxime Sapulette (NL) and Mike Ketellapper (NL) have just won the Open World titles during the Worlds last weekend in Russia.

All insiders of the sport expect the most spectacular European Championships ever. All the top athletes from their nations will compete in Bursa and so this season will close in Europe with a real highlight.

BMXer und Wakeboarder zeigten bei den T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds in Pinneberg ihr Können.  Foto: Jochen Melchior

Extreme Playgrounds in Pinneberg: night shift for BMX riders and wakeboarder

Over 5.500 visitors witnessed an absolute miracle at the Summer Session in Pinneberg. Hours prior the start of the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds, tons of rain made it almost impossible to conduct the contest.

Adam Errington beim Red Bull Wakeberg vor Neufundland.  Foto: Red Bull/ Christian Pondella

Red Bull Wakeberg: Iceberg ahead!

If you suddenly find an iceberg in your way during wakeboarding you’re either having a bad dream after watching Titanic – or you’re participating in Red Bull Wakeberg.


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