World's Best Snowboarding

Have you already discovered your mountain? Check out some of these award-winning resorts and see if they test your loyalty.

snowboarding Photo: William BaxterWhen winter’s chill arrives, nothing is more tempting than trying out a new mountain that has received global recognition for its immaculate runs, advanced slopes, or powdery-white snow. If you’re looking for a new place to discover something new, here are two of the world’s best vacation spots for snowboarding.

If you watched the winter Olympics in 2002 or you have played Shaun White Snowboarding, you’ll be able to recognize the Park City Mountain Resort in Utah. This snowboarder’s dream is the pride-and-joy location for winter sports in the United States. The resort is easily accessible from Salt Lake City International, making it an ideal location for anyone living within a couple hours of flying time. This major tourist attraction offers 8 mountain peaks with over 3,000 acres of skiable slopes. With an average yearly snowfall of 370 inches, you’ll have more than your heart’s content in the cold white stuff.

Again and again, Whistler Blackcomb in Canada has been voted North America’s numero uno when it comes to winter resorts. While Park City hosted the Olympics in 2002, Whistler had its chance more recently in 2010. The incredibly maintained park is just 125km north of Vancouver and it boasts over 4,700 acres of skiable land. The massive mountain peaks are the largest on the continent by far and should not be missed.

These two snowboarding resorts are a must for anyone who is passionate about the sport. If you haven’t had the chance, start saving now and make your way to one of these impressive alpine locations.

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