The Perfect Match: Cars and Sports

Which car is right for your sport? The bigger and bulkier the gear, the more important it is to properly consider this question when purchasing your next vehicle.

surfboards.  It may not be an extreme question, but every extreme athlete has gear that he or she will need to transport at one point or another. Extreme sport athletes lug their surfboards, bikes, snowboards, and even their boats to various competitions and event locations. It’s a banal, yet crucial part of being a serious athlete.

The first thing that surfers need to decide is if they would prefer to have their surfboard on the inside or outside of the car. Despite the relatively large size of a surfboard, surfers have several options. Surfboards can be strapped on to the roofs of longer cars like station wagons and vans or they can fit inside large vehicles that are seatless or have fold-down seats like the Mercedes ML. On sunny days, a surfboard can even be transported in a convertible.

Bikers can make their gear a lot less bulky if the wheels pop off. Some bike frames will even fit in the trunk of small sedans and sports cars. If the wheels are not easy to remove, the other option is mounting a bike rack on a larger car or SUV. The Subaru Outback seems to be popular in biking forums. Windsurfing is a sport with especially bulky gear.

Competing windsurfers usually need to bring multiple boards, booms, masts and sails. In this case, the tendency among windsurfers is go big. Bigger cars and SUVs are necessary to fit everything in. The Mitsubishi Challenger and Range Rover make life easier for the windsurfer that’s not on a budget. It shows commitment to your sport if you choose a car with your gear in mind, but not everyone is ready to take that extra step. For those who are not, there is always skateboarding!

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