The Extreme Sport Generation

“Trix” may be for kids, but extreme sports are for everybody! It’s time for adults everywhere to realize that there is no generational barrier preventing them from enjoying and participating in the world’s most cutting-edge sports.

Baseball/Skateboarding. It is no secret that children and teens born at the turn of the century are more attracted to extreme sports than other generations. Thrill-seeking youth throughout the world are becoming less fascinated by traditional sports like baseball, football, and soccer.

They have traded these sports in for adrenaline-pumping, high-speed performance sports like skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Some school districts in the United States are even considering adding extreme sports to their selection of after-school activities.

However, many parents and adults who grew up playing traditional sports fail to understand the attraction to extreme sports. This misconception that extreme sports are just for today’s youth needs to change, since it is keeping many over-30s from trying out new and exciting activities.

This magazine is in no way encouraging people to trade in their Red Sox tickets for a surfboard. Instead, we hope to deconstruct these misconceptions and embolden readers to try integrating an extreme sport or two into their current sport-related activities. As far as professional extreme sports, age has never been a defining factor. Surf champion Kelly Slater is currently 39 and has racked up 10 ASP World Championships since the beginning of his career.

Kristin Boese, who has eight World Championship titles in kite surfing, just celebrated her 34th birthday. Triathlons like the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii are another example of competitions that attract athletes and fans of all ages. The list goes on and on, demonstrating that extreme sports are not just for the teens and tweens. Are you forty and itching for some adventure? Pick up a snowboard!

Try surfing a few waves! This extreme sport fanatic can only dream that some day fathers will teach their daughters the newest BMX tricks, mothers will out-surf their sons, and a 50-year-old athlete will win a skateboarding world title. Think of the possibilities.

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