Technology Transformation

Extreme sports mark the cutting edge in the field of athletics. Curious thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies often play with new ideas or trends that gain momentum in sport communities and evolve into popular activities.

London - BMX Rider Photo: Chris TalbotIn particular, advancements in technology are a key source of such new ideas. Extreme sport athletes are frequently the first to recognize the potential of modern science and the latest product innovations to be used in sports.

Variations on traditional “wheeled” sports, such as biking, skateboarding, and FMX, clearly demonstrate technology’s influence on extreme sports. The Magicwheel Scooter, for example, was invented by a European designer who wanted to make skateboarding more exciting. This device consists of one large wheel and one much smaller wheel. Riders straddle the larger wheel and can make quick and sharp direction changes by adjusting their weight. There are so many new riding techniques that creative athletes can think up with this particular invention.

The electric bike is another example of an emerging technology that is being adopted by the extreme sport community. With these new bicycles, riders can use a combination of muscle power and power generated by a built-in motor. Some ebikes can even be controlled by an iPhone that is mounted in a dock at the front of the bicycle. These technological advances create many opportunities for extreme sport athletes to invent and develop new tricks or ways of riding. With an adventurous spirit and a little imagination, these innovations could be the first steps toward a brand new sport.

The history of extreme sports demonstrates that there are certain people in each generation who think outside of the box and want to experiment with new sports. These people decide the extreme sports of the future. Take a moment to imagine what extreme sports could be like in a futuristic world…

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