Sunglasses For Sports

The smartest athletes can be found sporting sunglasses that are fashionable, but also consider eye safety!

Sunglasses.  Photo: -Wearing sunglasses is a great way to look cool and protect your eyes when participating in extreme sports. While shape, size, and color make shades a fashion statement, there are also many different types of womens and mens sunglasses with properties that enhance the practicality of the glasses.

Many sunglasses are produced out of a strong polycarbonate to prevent shattering in the case of collision or sudden contact. Most models also feature an anti-scratch and an anti-reflective coating that help to prevent scratches and to eliminate glare respectively. Additionally, frames can be purchased with nose pads and rubber temples that are specially developed to keep the glasses from slipping. Sweat or rapid motion during athletics can send sunglasses flying, so it is best to have a nose grip that holds them firmly in place. Some of the newer models of sunglasses come with vented frames that stop the lenses from misting and affecting visibility.

One of the most important functions of sunglasses is to block out harmful UV rays. The sun can be very damaging and it is important that athletes who are outdoors for prolonged periods of time protect their eyes with polarized lenses. Since the weather is unpredictable and the amount of sunlight varies throughout the day, there are lenses specially designed to automatically lighten and darken with changing light conditions. This is perfect for boating and watersports on beaches where a sunny day can almost instantly turn overcast. One can also find hybrid glasses that are a mixture of sunglasses and goggles. These have thicker lenses and straps that can be tightened around the head.

The design of today’s sunglasses concerns so much more than just appearance. Modern sunglasses have been perfected so that they maximize functionality, while still maintaining a level of style and attractiveness.

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