Sports Fashion

Where is the place for fashion in sports?

Every athlete from surfer to skier has to have the appropriate gear for his or her sport. Kitesurfers have their lycras and wakeboarders have their board shorts. A fashion statement in skateboarding is far different from one in free skiing.

Even though athletes are required to wear a certain type of gear, there is still enough wiggle room to add some personal flair to the sport’s wardrobe. Each athlete can play with the colors, designs and cut of his or her sports clothing.

On top of that, an athlete’s pads, helmets, straps and gloves are the accessories of the sport fashion world. These items should reflect their wearer’s personality and represent the goals, interests, and tastes of a passionate athlete.

Surfers have an especially well-developed fashion sense and are known for their surfwear. Surfing has existed for decades and these beach-loving people have shaped a culture of their own.  Over the years, they have taken aspects from surfing's origins in Hawaii and they have transformed them into the beach styles of today.

Sport fashion is part of the identity of a sport. Athletes should not forget that sports are not just about winning events, but also about having fun and being party of a community. Similar styles within a sport display unity and show that such a sense of community is present.

As always, a necessary part of making a fashion statement is shopping for the right items. There are plenty of clothing lines in the world that focus on personalizing athletic gear. For example, Esprit clothing for sports can help make a personal fashion statement.

A sport is nothing without community and an essential part of community is a cultural aspect like fashion.

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