Extreme Sports in Scotland

Scotland may be known for sports like football and rugby, but its temperate climate and rugged terrain offer a wide variety of settings for taking part in extreme sport activities.

Snowboarding Photo: pincusvtIn particular, winter sports like snowboarding and skiing are beloved by Scottish natives and tourists alike. There are a number of ski resorts in the Scottish Highlands. The ski season usually begins in January and continues until early April with the occasional early or late peaks in snowfall. Unfortunately, snowfall in Scotland is not too predictable.

Europe’s largest dry ski slope, the Midlothian Snowsports Center, is located near Edinburgh. This location is used for Olympic training sessions and offers skiing and snowboarding lessons all year long. For extreme sports in and around Edinburgh, check out hotels on this site. Some other top ski slopes in Scotland include Aviemore and Fort William. Just outside of Fort William, the Nevis Range is the most likely to have snow throughout the year since it towers above the other slopes in Scotland. These mountains are also host to various mountain biking competitions. The 2013 Mountain Bike World Cup will be held from June 8-9 at Nevis Range. Top athletes from around the world will be heading to participate. Spectators can ride the mountain’s gondola to watch the event from above.

BMX is also becoming increasingly more popular in Scotland. There are a number of BMX parks throughout the country. Some of the best-known parks include Transition Extreme in Aberdeen, Factory in Dundee, and Transgression in Edinburgh. Take a trip to Scotland and enjoy the many extreme sport opportunities!

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