Extreme Sports In France

Looking for the opportunity to brush up on your French and drink excellent wine right from the source? Maybe it is time to forget all preconceived notions of France and explore the nationís extreme side.

Eiffel Tower.  Photo: Thierry MeurguesFrance is not just for museum buffs and food connoisseurs, but it is also full of adrenaline-pumping activities that can put a twinkle in the eye of today’s extreme sport enthusiast. With a perfect combination of geographical features and temperate climate, France offers a venue for a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year. The French have everything from coastal plains to mountain ranges to extensive river systems.

French winters cater exquisitely to the needs of both skiers and snowboarders. Finding ski deals in France is like hitting a bull’s-eye with a grenade. There are numerous ski resorts throughout the Alps and the Pyrenees. Popular ski areas in the Alps include Paradiski, Val d’Isère, and Chamonix. Barèges, in the Pyrenees, is an ideal region for those winter sport athletes in search of pristine scenery and a quieter time on the slopes.

In the summer, the rugged terrain and marked trails attract mountain biking fanatics to the French countryside. Downhill facilities in the Alps and Pyrenees let bikers escape on challenging rides alongside picturesque mountainsides, lakes, and dense forest. Ski lifts are available for those who enjoy the trip down more than the climb up. France also has much in store for athletes who prefer to spend their days on the water. Surfing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding are popular pastimes for tourists and natives. Quality swells can be found in the West on the Atlantic-facing coast. Eager surfers can ride top waves in Britanny, the Coast of Light and the Silver coast. Windsurfers will find what they are looking for in the South of France. Conditions are ideal in the spring and fall.

The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower are romantic, but an extreme vacation in France will keep your heart racing.

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