Extreme Sport Job Market

Do you live and breath extreme sports, but have never been able to make it pro for some reason or another? Donít get discouraged Ė there are still many opportunities that are just as extreme.

Camera lens.  Attaining professional status is not the only way to make a living in extreme sports. The extreme sport community has been expanding at an exponential rate, and with this expansion come millions of relevant and exciting jobs. These jobs can give you the chance to experience and enjoy the sports that really get you going. There are many ways to live out your dreams and avoid working in any old office on something that is not your passion. It is definitely possible to find internships, assistant jobs, and full time positions within the extreme sport community.

Contests and competitions are a great place to start looking for onsite jobs. As a fan, it might be easy to overlook the planning and organization of an event like a surfing or snowboarding world cup, but those on the inside know that it takes the input of many individuals to pull off such an event. Without event planners and coordinators, people like Kelly Slater and Kristin Boese wouldn’t have the contests and amazing venues, at which they show off their skills. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to jet around the world from event to event.

Media positions are another way to get up close and personal with your favorite extreme sports. Journalists and photographers can obtain media credentials from coordinators so that they can attend events in the best seats of the house. Plus, they have the chance to interview the athletes one on one.

Even if you are not the world champion yourself, you can still devote your life to the sport that you love.

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