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Event Preview 2013.  photo: ästhetiker winter mäsh

Winter Sports in Salzburg

If you’re looking for a last minute snowboarding vacation in Europe, consider spending a few days in Austria. Salzburg and its surroundings offer pristine slopes and numerous boarder parks for hours of extreme fun in the snow.

snowboarding Photo: William Baxter

World's Best Snowboarding

Have you already discovered your mountain? Check out some of these award-winning resorts and see if they test your loyalty.

Snowboarding Photo: pincusvt

Extreme Sports in Scotland

Scotland may be known for sports like football and rugby, but its temperate climate and rugged terrain offer a wide variety of settings for taking part in extreme sport activities.

London - BMX Rider <div xmlns:cc= Photo: Chris Talbot

Technology Transformation

Extreme sports mark the cutting edge in the field of athletics. Curious thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies often play with new ideas or trends that gain momentum in sport communities and evolve into popular activities.

X-ray, dislocation.  Photo:

Extreme Sport Injuries

Falls, wrecks, crashes, and other accidents. Extreme sports are all about pushing it to the limit while reducing the risk of serious injuries.

Nitro Circus Live.  Photo: Nitro Circus Live

Nitro Circus Live

Travis Pastrana and his gang of extreme sport atheletes have followed up their hit MTV show with an action packed tour of Europe.

Eiffel Tower.  Photo: Thierry Meurgues

Extreme Sports In France

Looking for the opportunity to brush up on your French and drink excellent wine right from the source? Maybe it is time to forget all preconceived notions of France and explore the nation’s extreme side.


The Perfect Match: Cars and Sports

Which car is right for your sport? The bigger and bulkier the gear, the more important it is to properly consider this question when purchasing your next vehicle.


Morocco's Surf Secret

Ever considered visiting a surf location in North Africa? Well, it’s only a matter of time before people are going to catch on to Morocco's best-kept secret.

Vegetables.  Photo: Pam Brophy

Healthy Athletes

One of the most important keys to success in sports is having a healthy body. Hours of training will be of no use to an athlete who does not maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Winter Train.

European Ski Resorts By Rail

Don't let travel worries keep you from enjoying a ski holiday in Europe. European airlines and railways work together to ensure that travel to and from ski resorts is as efficient and easy as possible.


Winter Vacations With Kids

Ski resorts across the world have a wide variety of activities for families and no kids are too young to bring along.


The Extreme Sport Generation

“Trix” may be for kids, but extreme sports are for everybody! It’s time for adults everywhere to realize that there is no generational barrier preventing them from enjoying and participating in the world’s most cutting-edge sports.


Get Acquainted With Your Shoes

Running with walking shoes is like using a steak knife to remove a Phillips-head screw – it will be much more difficult than with the proper equipment and you might potentially hurt yourself.


Sunglasses For Sports

The smartest athletes can be found sporting sunglasses that are fashionable, but also consider eye safety!

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