World Junior Championships Gold Coast 2011: Ibelli's Back

After an unexpected defeat on Day 1, Caio Ibelli is back with a vengeance. The Billabong World Junior Chamionships Gold Coast will decide the results of the 2011 ASP World Junior Tour and Ibelli is hoping for the best.

Caio Ibelli.  Photo: ASP/KirstinThe first man-on-man elimination Round at the 2011 Billabong World Junior Championships Gold Coast got under way today in 2 foot (1 meter) runners at Burleigh Heads.

Caio Ibelli, the top seed in the Billabong World Junior Championships and frontrunner for the ASP World Junior Title, is back in winning form after his shock Round 1 loss. Ibelli posted a dominant win in his Round 2 clash with Eli Steele, mixing rail carves with big aerials to keep his 2011 ASP World Junior Title hopes alive.

"That heat was hard because it was slow and I was feeling a lot of pressure," Ibelli said. "But I started to feel comfortable after getting my first good score, I'm so stoked that I made that heat. Sometimes I don't mind losing in the first round because it makes me angry and fires me up to do well."

Wade Carmichael, winner of the Von Zipper trials caused a major upset by eliminating 5th seed Dale Staples. Carmichael caught the best waves and executed his trademark power carves to take the win and will now face current ratings leader Caio Ibelli in Round 3.

"I was nervous because I had a shocker in my last heat," Carmichael said. "I've had a good start to the year with a win at the Bells Pro Junior and the trials here, so I just want to keep that going. I'm not in the running for the ASP World Junior Title, but I still really want to win this event."

Tim Macdonald earned his spot in the event thanks to a runner-up finish in the trials, and today eliminated Ryan Callinan in a one sided affair. Macdonald surfed sharp and fast to advanced to Round 3, but it was clear that Callinan was holding back.

"It feels really good to be through to Round 3," Macdonald said. "But I feel bad for Ryan (Callinan), he couldn't really fight back. You can tell that he's injured, but we still had fun catching waves with just the two of us out."

Callinan, the poster boy for the Billabong World Junior Championships Gold Coast was clearly disappointed with his early exit from the event. It's been a tough couple of months for the young Novocoastrian, Callinan injured right ankle last year and has spent the last few months getting it back to 100%. Then two days ago he injured his other ankle, and went to get scans after his Round 2 loss today.


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Jack Robinson.  Photo: ASP/Dunbar

Day 1 Of The Billabong World Junior Championships Gold Coast

Davey Cathels' injury gave Matt Lewis-Hewitt the opportunity of a lifetime and he did not waste it. Day 1 of the Billabong World Junior Championships Gold Coast witnessed a major upset when Matt Lewis-Hewitt defeated Caio Ibelli and advanced to Round 3.

Ellie-Jean Coffey.  Photo: ASP/Dunbar

World Junior Championships Gold Coast 2011: Women Step It Up

The competition at Burleigh Headland shifted to the Women's event of the 2011 Billabong World Junior Championships Gold Coast. Sarah Baum rocked her heats with impressive backhands and the scores to match.

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