2010 Women's Slalom World Tour Final: Event Completed On Day Five

The wind returned on Day 5 and the best female windsurfers in the world had their chance to give it their all out on the water. Valerie Arrighetti trumps them all and wins the final event.

Women's Slalom World Tour Final.  Photo: PWAValerie Arrighetti may have snatched up the final event trophy of the 2010 season in Almanarre, but it’s Karin Jaggi who takes home the 2010 World Title.

Day 5 and the final day of the Women's Slalom World Tour Final started with fairly light winds, but the following heats were sailed like a white-knuckle ride, at top speeds and with plenty of crashes.

Races four, five, and six were the usual split fleet affair, with the top five from the first two heats going on to fight it out in the final. Race seven however was something special, which required a slightly different set of skills, to end the 2010 tour in spectacular style.

Valerie Arrighetti began the day in the perfect way to keep her immaculate event record showing a fistful of firsts.

However, her nearest rival and current tour leader, Karin Jaggi kept piling on the pressure finishing just behind her to remain in contention. In third Lise Vidal showed off her skills to walk away with her best result of the week. 

The second sensational slalom saw Arrighetti go over early in her first faux pas of the event, clearing the way for Karin Jaggi to take the advantage. However, a handful of youngsters led by the rising French star, Alice Arutkin - who hadn’t scored a bullet since Korea – stopped the legend in her tracks forcing her to settle for fourth.

Following in Arutkin’s wake was the 2010 freestyle world champion, Sarah-Quita Offringa, and transatlantic hopeful Sarah Hebert who both held off advances from the former world champion to finish in second and third respectively.


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Karin Jaggi.  Photo: PWA

Interview With Top Windsurfer Karin Jaggi

A complete lack of wind has kept the 2010 Women’s Slalom World Tour Final on hold and the girls that compose the world's windsurfing elite are stuck playing cards on the beach.

Women's Slalom World Tour Final.  Photo: PWA

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It is easy to imagine that nothing is more frustrating for a windsurfer than showing up ready to compete and being stranded on the beach day after day due to a lack of wind.

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