Women's Slalom World Tour Final 2010: Still No Wind

It is easy to imagine that nothing is more frustrating for a windsurfer than showing up ready to compete and being stranded on the beach day after day due to a lack of wind.

Women's Slalom World Tour Final.  Photo: PWAA gusty vent d’est teased a few of the women out onto the beautiful Mediterranean waters today, but failed to increase to a sufficient level for official competition of the Women's Slalom World Final in Almanarre, France to resume.

With a promising outlook the world’s fastest fleet of female windsurfers were at the beach early preparing their gear for a day of tough racing.

However, the wind refused to play ball, forcing the fleet to endure another lengthy period on hold, at times sitting in their wetsuits ready to hit the water at a moment’s notice.

Race director, Juan Antonio Aragon and his team made every effort to get the elite racers out on the water in Almanarre with a course set as soon as the flags showed any sign of wind in them, but it was just too gusty to allow for fair racing, and therefore had to be cancelled early in the evening.

Tomorrow is certain to be a historical day on this world-class beach with Valerie Arrighetti just 24 hours away from claiming her second event crown for the year at the first ever all-women’s PWA event. And, Karin Jaggi only a day away from taking home the 2010 world title which she’s already secured.

Results After 3 Races
1st Valerie Arrighetti
2nd Karin Jaggi
3rd Alice Arutkin
4th Lise Vidal
5th Fanny Aubet


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A complete lack of wind has kept the 2010 Women’s Slalom World Tour Final on hold and the girls that compose the world's windsurfing elite are stuck playing cards on the beach.

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