Leila Hurst Blasts Her Way Through 2011 ASP Women’s World Junior

Leila Hurst defeated Joanne Defay at the 2011 Arnette ASP World Junior event in Brazil, putting the Hawaiian back in contention for the elite ASP Women’s World Junior Crown.

Leila Hurst.  Photo: ASP/RowlandLeila Hurst has won the 2011 ASP Women’s World Junior event in Brazil, topping Joanne Defay at the backup location of Praia Do Diabo after a dominant performance on the final day of competition.

Stop No. 2 of 3 on the ASP World Junior Tour, the inaugural Arnette ASP World Junior has run at both the lefthander of Arpoador as well as the right of Praia Do Diabo, which lies on the other side of the event’s primary location.

Leila Hurst was a standout throughout the event’s entirety and stormed her way through to the Final after earning a 9th place at the ASP World Junior Tour season opener.

“It was my first time in a World Junior Final and it might be my last year, so I’m so excited,” said Hurst. “I feel so blessed to be in Brazil. Everyone has been so nice and I’m just really excited."

Leila Hurst was equally efficient at both the main event location of Arpoador as well as Praia Do Diabo and was a consistent top-scorer throughout the entirety of 2011 Arnette ASP World Junior competition.

“I feel like both waves were really similar,” said Hurst. “It was really hard to control your board out there because there is so much backwash coming off of the rock.”

Joanne Defay, who finished equal 3rd place in Bali, established herself in Brazil as a frontrunner for the under-21 crown when she finished runner-up to Hurst after topping talented Australian Phillipa Anderson in their Semifinals.


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