Supremesurf Big Days 2010: Waiting For A Spring Storm

The windsurfers of the Supremesurf Big Days are back after a long, cold Winter. Now, all they can do is sit and wait for the first storm of spring.

Supremesurf Big Days 2009 Foto: Tom KoberAt the beginning of December last year, the Waiting Period for the German wave event Supremesurf Big Days had been suspended.  The onset of winter has forced riders and organizers to wait for better conditions in the spring of 2010.

„It is still just too damn cold“, says organizer Jobst Paepcke, „but that will change very quickly and we will soon be ready to start the competition!“ On March 19, 2010, Germany's best wave pilots will once more begin to wait. For the first time in the history of Big Days, the athletes will be waiting for an early spring storm instead of a strong autumn storm!

Extremely low winds in autumn 2009 and the following harsh winter were anything but the perfect conditions for the third edition of Big Days. 

Once again, this proves the high flexibility of riders, organizers and sponsors. 

"This is the absolute advantage of a contest in this format," says Hans Jensen of Supremesurf Rostock, "we will start the competition when the conditions are optimal.  This is perfect for windsurfing.  We have not set an official end for the waiting period. If a storm did not come until the end of June, that would be perfectly okay."

Supremesurf Big Days 2009  Foto: Tom KoberSince it could still be too cold in the first weeks of the Waiting Period of Big Days, the organizers have decided to wait not only until there is enough wind, but also until the temperature is at least 15 degrees. 

Denmark's wave icon, Robert Sand, from Klitmöller, commented on the event's delays. 

"I am really looking forward to the start of the contest!" said Sand. "We have had such bad luck in the last year.  However, I am sure that the guys will be ripe for competition, which will guarantee some action at the Baltic Sea!"

Robert is one of eight Danes that have registered for the Supremesurf Big Days 2010.  With this group of Danish athletes, the number of riders has climbed to 89.

The event delays could also be seen as an advantage, since more daylight hours in springtime will provide enough time for all surfers to compete. The announced venue is still Warnemünde in Rostock, Germany.


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