Final Results Of 2011 Supersurf ASP World Masters

Iain Buchanan and Nathan Webster took out the ASP Grand Masters and ASP Masters titles respectively in small surf at Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro for the 2011 Supersurf ASP World Masters Championships.

Iain Buchanan.  Photo: ASP/CestariIain Buchanan and Nathan Webster emerged victorious at the 2011 Supersurf ASP World Masters Championships.

Buchanan bested defending ASP Grand Masters Champion and former World Champion Wayne Bartholomew in a closely-fought Final to become the first-ever New Zealand title holder.

“It’s a pretty awesome feeling,” Buchanan said. “My waves today played out. I knew if I got past Shaun Tomson, I had a chance, he’s a good competitor. I had to stick to my game plan, get a couple of rights because I’m better on my forehand than my backhand. And that worked out.”

Iain Buchanan, who now serves as a full-time judge on the ASP World Tour, was humble in his victory and reserved when considering his plans to return next year to defend his title.

“I’m hoping they’ll ask me to judge next year,” Buchanan said. “That's what I was originally going to do. Al Hunt and Richie Porta talked me into surfing, and I’m glad I did!”

Bartholomew, who is regarded as one of the most notable surfers in surfing history, took out compatriots Terry Richardson and Simon Anderson before falling to inconsistent conditions in the Final. Ever the statesman, Bartholomew remained jovial and gracious in defeat.

“I was hoping for a win, but that was a good one for Ratzo (Iain Buchanan), congratulations,” said Bartholomew.

Nathan Webster, who enjoyed an esteemed tenure on the ASP World Tour, navigated a field of Brazilians before overtaking an in-form Fabio Gouveia to attain the 2011 ASP World Masters Title.

“I’d like to thank everyone,” said Nathan Webster. “Thank the city of Rio. Thank you to all the spectators, the local and kids, those joining us for our free surf during the day. And, all of the competitors in the event, damn, such a strong field, and a list of legends. These guys have been an inspiration to me.”

Gouveia, who had been a standout all week in the challenging conditions, put up a healthy fight in the Final but lost out to Webster’s onslaught.

“So good to make the Final,” Gouveia said. “Congratulations to Nathan Webster. This has been such a good event, and I’m so happy to be here."


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