SuperSurf ASP World Masters 2011: Round 2 And Grand Masters

Shaun Tomson and Terry Richardson brush off the cobwebs and celebrate their Round 1 heat victories at the 2011 SuperSurf ASP World Masters Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

SuperSurf ASP World Masters 2011.  Photo: ASP/CestariThe 2011 SuperSurf ASP World Masters Championships returned to Rio de Janeiro’s lefthand pointbreak of Arpoador for Round 2 of the Masters as well as the opening Round of Grand Masters competition.

The SuperSurf ASP World Masters Championships are running a round-robbin format, which allows competitors in both divisions the opportunity to surf in five non-elimination rounds while gaining points for their placing in each heat. 

Shaun Tomson former 1977 ASP World Champion, took a Round 1 heat victory in the Grand Masters division after earning an 8-point ride for stylish backside surfing. The heat win marks a first for Tomson after a multi-year hiatus from competition.

“I’ve forgotten what it feels like to win a heat again,” Thomson said. “It feels good! Especially with an 8 point ride!”

Terry Richardson, a former ASP World Masters Champion (1997), also claimed a Round 1 victory in his Grand Masters heat. Richardson was thrilled to be back in Rio de Janeiro and his return marks an emotional journey.

"My boys in Australia have been looking at the internet every night to see when I’m going to surf," said Richardson. "It makes me feel happy to be in Rio again. Last time I was here was in ’82 against Roberto Valerio, my good friend who has now passed away, and this trip…is dedicated to him.”

Renan Rocha, former ASP World Tour veteran, posted a solid 13.75 heat total out of 20 while taking a Round 2 victory in the Masters division over fellow competitors Jake Paterson, Derek Ho and Richie Collins and admitted he is hungry to perform despite the friendly vibe on the beach.

The waiting period for the 2011 SuperSurf ASP World Masters Championships runs from July 26 through 31.


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SuperSurf ASP World Masters Championships 2011.  Photo: ASP/Cestari

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