Sri Lankan Airlines Pro 2010: Hodei Collazo Finishes Best European

Hodei Collazo falls to American Nat Young and takes fifth place at the 6Star Sri Lankan Airlines Pro as the leading European in the competition.

Hodei Collazo.  Photo: Robertson/ASPThe Europeans did not make it to the podium this week at the ASP 6-Star Sri Lankan Airlines Pro in Arugam Bay. The best result came from Basque native Hodei Collazo, who took an equal 5th place finish.

Hodei Collazo, who also had an equal 5th place in the ASP Prime contest in Brazil last February, is off to a great start this season.

Collazo defeated ASP Elite member Daniel Ross in Round 5, advancing to the Quarterfinals where he lost to the 18 year old American, Nat Young.

The native of Zarautz started as an ASP European Junior member and represented Europe for a long time as a superb surfer.

His Quarterfinal finish at the Sri Lankan Airlines Pro in Arugam Bay has once again proven his style and technical skills, a solid confidence boost before heading into a busy summer with Zarautz hosting an ASP 6-Star stop at the end of August.


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