Santa Surf Pro Junior 2012 Launches European Men's Junior Tour

The Santa Surf Pro Junior will launch the 5-steps process towards a European Junior Title in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The 2012 event will be the only 3-Star rated event in this year’s series, thus counting the most towards the European title and qualification for the World Junior Tour.

Santa Surf Pro Junior.  Photo: Aquashot/ASPEuropeThe 2012 ASP Europe Men’s Junior Tour will officially begin on May 16, the first day of the Islas Canarias Santa Surf Pro Junior, an ASP Europe 3-Star Men’s Junior event.

With Medi Veminardi, the 2011 European Junior Champion, too old to compete in this category any longer, the door is wide open for all the newcomers to try and get the ball rolling at the Islas Canarias Santa Surf Pro Junior and get a headstart in the race for the regional title.

"I think the Pro Junior Tour is really well structured, in 2011 we had many events in really different places," said Medi. "To win the European Title is incredible, it helps a lot with putting your name out there."

Jesus Aguayo, event organizer and CEO of La Santa Surf is proud to host this event, and is looking forward to welcoming the best European Junior surfers once again in Gran Canaria.

"Apart from being a huge responsibility it is an honour to be staging the most important Pro Junior event of the 2012 ASP Europe season," said Jesus. "Without the support from the local and regional departments of the Canary Islands it would be impossible to organize this type of event."

The Canary islands have been the scene for European ASP events for a long time and all the surfers love returning every year to the Atlantic archipelago.

The 2012 Islas Canarias Santa Surf Pro Junior will run from May 16-20 at La Cicer, Gran Canaria / Canary Islands.


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