Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2010: Rounds 3 and 4

The surfers were hot in Round 3 of the 2010 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. There was absolutely no room for mercy in this competition, as they fought their way into the beginning heats of Round 4.

Taj Burrow.  Photo: ASP/RobertsonThe Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, Event No. 2 of 10 on the 2010 ASP World Tour, held Round 3 and the opening four heats of Round 4 at  Winkipop. Star of the day was Taj Burrow, current ASP World No. 1, who has been surfing exceptionally with a pristine record over the past five months.

Taj Burrow was up against rookie Matt Wilkinson in Round 3 and continued to surf flawlessly, scoring a 17.04 out of a possible 20.

“That was fun for sure,” said Burrow. “I saw some great waves and I was really excited to surf, but I just knew that you actually had to catch them because there weren't that many. But everything went my way which is unfortunate for Wilko (Matt Wilkinson).”

In Round 4, Taj Burrow faced the former three-time ASP World Champion Andy Irons and dominated with the highest score of the day, a 17.77 out of a possible 20.

“It feels great,” Burrow said. “I owe him (Irons) a couple. We’ve had some amazing battles over our careers. He’s been in deadly form. He’s all alive so it was good to get him for sure. I had a great time."

Burrow also expressed his satisfaction with the surf condition.

"The waves are really good," he said. "I think it might even be one the best surfs I’ve had at Winki – only small, but just so clean and with the high tide they were coming from this little deep peak. Every wave I took off on had such a nice wall. It was good to have a few sets come through too. I was worried about the heat being inconsistent but it ended up pumping.”

Burrow is to take on Adriano de Souza in the Quarterfinals of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Jordy Smith, current ASP World No. 2, earned the win with an impressive performance against Owen Wright, in Round 3 before defeating Roy Powers, in Round 4.

“It was a fun heat,” Smith said. “It’s too bad that I had Roy (Powers) again. He’s a teammate of mine and we’re travelling together so it’s a little tough, but I’m just happy I made it through.”

Smith secured the highest single-wave score of the event against Powers, a 9.80 out of 10, for a combination of multiple aerials with a “Superman” air to finish.

“I think I had like two average waves like two 7’s under of my belt,” Smith said. “Roy (Powers) didn’t want to have the wave – it was a small one, so I took it and it ended up being a good one, walling up through the inside and it just allowed me to do some good turns.”

Smith will challenge the ASP World Champion Mick Fanning, in the Quarterfinals of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. Fanning, however, showed no mercy against wildcard Gabriel Medina in Round 3, thus paving his way into Round 4.

Fanning went on to survive a tight heat at the end of the day against European battler Tiago Pires in Round 4.

Kelly Slater former nine-time ASP World Champion, survived a closely-contested Round 3 heat against rookie Dusty Payne to advance through to Round 4.

Slater, who spent the day in hospital getting scans on his right foot (inflamed ligaments suspected), battled back after Payne secured an excellent 9.17 out of a possible 10.

Slater will face Michel Bourez in Heat 8 of Round 4 of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. When competition resumes, up first will be defending Rip Curl Pro winner Joel Parkinson against compatriot Adrian Buchan in Heat 5 of Round 4.


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