PWA World Cup 2010: Björn Dunkerbeck Interview In Costa Brava, Spain

Unfortunately the wind would not cooperate on Day 2 of the 2010 PWA World Cup in Costa, Brava and no racing took place. However, the break provided the perfect time for an interview with windsurfing legend, Björn Dunkerbeck.

PWA World Cup Day 2 Costa Brava.  Photo: PWADay 3 of the 2010 PWA World Cup in Costa Brava, Spain proved to be uneventful as the wind would not rise to the occasion.  The disappointed sailors waited on land for the conditions to improve.

Since no racing occured on Day 2, Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Valerie Arrighetti are still in the lead for the men's and women's divisions. Rivals Antoine Albeau and Karin Jaggi are eager to get back on the water and see if they can rearrange the current rankings a bit.

PWA World Cup Day 2 Costa Brava.  Photo: PWAWith the extra free time to chat, the PWA interviewed the current men's event leader, Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

PWA: How have you kept your motivation levels so high throughout your 25 years of competing on the world tour?

BD: “First of all I’ve found a great balance between free sailing and competition. But also, if I don’t go windsurfing for a few days, I find that I really want to go out again. I just really enjoy windsurfing.”

PWA: How have you found it adapting to different gear throughout the years?

BD: “Well, I worked with four different sail designers when I worked with Pryde, with Kai Hopf at North, and now with Ben Severne. And, I probably worked with a few others in between, so about eight in total. So it’s pretty much a way of life for me.”

PWA: Do you still have the same feelings when you hit the racecourse as you did when you were competing against guys like Robby Naish in the early days?

BD: “The feelings have changed throughout the years as I’ve grown up. I was just a kid back then, so there have been huge changes. Now I’m one of the oldest one’s on the course, but I’m probably the most experienced too. I also think I’m one of the guys that’s having the most fun out there as well!”

PWA: Which events do you really look forward to each year on the tour?

BD: “The one’s that are warm and have the most wind. Gran Canaria and Turkey have been very good the last few years, but I also enjoy Sylt because of the huge crowds and the variety of conditions we get there.”

PWA: Lastly, how much longer will you compete for?

BD: “For as long as I still enjoy it, and as long as my body can handle getting me onto the podium!” The organisers remain hopeful that the front forecast to come through tomorrow will bring stronger winds without the need of a thermal boost!

More to come when windsurfing competition resumes on Day 3 of the 2010 PWA World Cup in Costa Brava, Spain.


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PWA 2010 Korea.  Photo: Event Host

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