PWA World Cup 2010: Sotavento, Fuerteventura Grand Slam

For the first time, Antoine Albeau did not qualify for the Finals. The beginning of the 2010 PWA Fuerteventura Grand Slam might have gone his way, but a slip up on day 4 gave the world champion a taste of defeat.

PWA World Cup 2010 Sotavento.  Photo: PWADay 3 of the Fuerteventura Grand Slam on Sotavento’s white sand beaches may have belonged to Björn Dunkerbeck, but Antoine Albeau was still in the lead.

Despite Albeau dominating race seven, Dunkerbeck recovered from a less than ideal start and made it to the final straight with Albeau and Kevin Pritchard.

Had the course been any longer, Dunkerbeck would have claimed second place, but Pritchard snuck past him and Dunkerbeck had to settle for third.

The Finals of race eight was a completely different story though. Back on form, and knowing that he had the speed to annihilate any one who dare get in his way, Björn Dunkerbeck hit mach 10 and crossed the line bang on the gun.

By the first mark, Albeau was trailing in his wake, but dropped his sail and fell to the back of the fleet.

On Day 4, Finian Maynard had his first real taste of victory this season. Maynard has been one of the most consistent sailors, only falling out of the top 4 in one race.

Maynard Celebrates.  Photo: PWAFlying down the first reach at full tilt, it was a three horse race right from the start with Maynard, Micah Buzianis, and Bjorn Dunkerbeck all heading straight for the mark. Maynard gybed just ahead of Buzianis, with Dunkerbeck right on the American’s tail.

In the Quarter Finals, it seems that Antoine Albeau might have gotten a bit too confident. As he rounded mark number three, he missed his boom through the gybe, which caused him to fall in.

At first it looked like he’d be able to catch up, but Danish racer Kasper Larsen held his lane and prevented the world champion from going any further.

This slip up hasn’t caused Antoine Albeau to lose his overall lead in the 2010 PWA World Cup, but it does leave archrival Dunkerbeck as the only sailor to have qualified for every winner’s final so far in this contest.


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PWA World Cup 2010 Costa Brava Winners.  Photo: PWA

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PWA Costa Teguise 2010.  Photo: Event Host

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