PWA World Cup 2010: Dunkerbeck And Jaggi Win in Costa Brava

Low winds kept the windsurfers on the beach for the final day of the 2010 PWA World Cup in Costa Brava, Spain. Without any change in the standings, Björn Dunkerbeck and Karen Jaggi to gracefully accept their wins.

PWA World Cup 2010 Costa Brava Winners.  Photo: PWAAfter an uneventful day in Costa Brava, Björn Dunkerbeck and Karin Jaggi were declared the winners of the 2010 PWA World Cup event. The light breeze teased the athletes, but wind speeds never rose high enough for competition.

The sailors spent the day on land and most of them were hoping for another chance to prove themselves on the water. Antoine Albeau and Cyril Moussilmani were among those praying for wind, since they had a lot to gain from finishing the final race.

While Björn Dunkerbeck and Karin Jaggi were ready to compete at any moment, they also knew that they had already won if there was no further competition.

“In Costa Brava the most important thing is to win the first race because that’s often all we get here," said Björn Dunkerbeck. "Last year we only did one and a quarter races, this year we got a little bit further but not much. It’s always more fun winning when we’ve completed ten races during the week."

PWA World Cup 2010 Costa Brava Björn Dunkerbeck.  Photo: PWAKarin Jaggi was thrilled to have her second win in a row.

"It actually feels even better to win here in Costa Brava because Valerie was racing as well," said Jaggi. "It’s the first time I’ve beaten Valerie in over a year.”

The 2010 PWA World Cup will make its next step in Costa Teguise in the Canary Islands from June 30 to July 3.

Men’s Results

1st Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Starboard, Severne, Mystic) 5.2pts

2nd Antoine Albeau (JP, NeilPryde) 6.5pts

3rd Cyril Moussilmani (Starboard, North)

Women’s Results

1st Karin Jaggi (Patrik, Severne) 2.7pts

2nd Valerie Arrighetti (Tabou, Loft, Mystic) 2.7pts

3rd Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard, Gaastra) 7pts


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PWA World Cup Day 1 Costa Brava.  Photo: PWA

PWA World Cup 2010: Day 1 In Costa Brava, Spain

With better wind conditions than in Korea, the 2010 PWA World Cup is off to a great start in Costa Brava, Spain. Finally, Björn Dunkerbeck shows us the good old Björn we remember.

PWA World Cup Day 2 Costa Brava.  Photo: PWA

PWA World Cup 2010: Björn Dunkerbeck Interview In Costa Brava, Spain

Unfortunately the wind would not cooperate on Day 2 of the 2010 PWA World Cup in Costa, Brava and no racing took place. However, the break provided the perfect time for an interview with windsurfing legend, Björn Dunkerbeck.

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