PWA Ulsan World Cup 2010: Day 5 In Korea

Antoine Albeau increases his lead at the 2010 PWA Ulsan World Cup in Korea. His competitors did not give him much of a challenge, as Day 5 was full of mistakes and false starts.

PWA 2010 Korea.  Photo: Event HostAfter two days of delays, Day 5 of the 2010 PWA Ulsan World Cup in Korea started in the same way. However, the weather gradually improved and the competition was in full gear around 3:00 in the afternoon. 

The costly mistakes of his rivals allowed Antoine Albeau to strengthen his lead. Albeau fought his way through his initial heats, advanced to the finals, and won yet another race win while his competitors battled it out elsewhere.

During the early roundsin Korea, the current world champion seemed to be taking it easy. He even allowed Alberto Menegatti to pass through and claim victory on the last leg of his first round heat.

For many others, the day was much more stressful. Many mistakes and premature starts contributed to a day of upsets, as the competitors traded places on the results sheet.

The first of the frontrunners to fail to get through a single heat was Israeli Arnon Dagan.  He had a cracking start, but ended up at a standstill after the first mark and got pipped at the post by Czech racer, Tom Malina.

Next up, Cyril Moussilmani led a charge towards the start slightly early, taking 2 others over with him, and straight out of qualification. A disappointing way to start the day.

Moussilmani seemed to set the trend for things to come in Day 5. Josh Angulo, Dan Ellis, and Wojtek Brzozowski all followed suit in the second round. Then during the qualifications for the finals, both Kevin Pritchard, and Ross Williams made the same mistake.

The biggest shock was when Bjorn Dunkerbeck's flew off the line in the qualification's round with incredible speed and took the lead. After rounding mark one with ease, he sped down the straight, but lost it on the second gybe, allowing everyone to pass him.

This mistake gave Albeau an easy final with one of the PWA's fastest missing from the word go. Overall, Albeau has now pulled out in front ahead of Bjorn.

The real battle however is for third place of the 2010 PWA Ulsan World Cup, where Maynard, Steve Allen, Jimmy Diaz, and Micah Buzianis are all within 1.3 points of each other.


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PWA 2010 Korea.  Photo: Event Host

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