PWA Ulsan World Cup 2010: Day 6 In Korea

As the competitors at the 2010 PWA Ulsan World Cup in Korea race with seemingly similar speeds and abilities, it is the mistakes that are deciding who takes the lead and who falls behind.

PWA 2010 Korea.  Photo: Event HostRough times at the 2010 PWA Ulsan World Cup in Korea see Karin Jaggi leap out in front, while Antoine Albeau takes yet another stride into the lead.

Antoine Albeau dominated the first race final strengthening his lead on Bjorn Dunkerbeck and the rest of the fleet. After the first gybe, he took a comfortable lead and didn't look back.

If he had, he would have noticed that his nearest rival, Dunkerbeck, was still piling on the pressure racing ahead of the rest of the pack in 2nd. However, the second race final was a completely different story.

After a mediocre start on Day 6 in Korea, Albeau was just mid fleet at the first gybe mark. Not one to lose hope, Albeau gained a few places by cutting inside of everyone, and powered out of his turn in third.

Although Albeau is out in front again, and doesn’t seem to be that much faster than anyone else, he simply isn’t making any mistakes.

Karin Jaggi also had an easy time in  the first women’s final due to her rivals mistakes. A premature start by the overnight leader, Alice Arutkin, during her round one heat, prevented her from even qualifying.

Arutkin managed to beat Jaggi in the final race in Korea, but it wasn’t enough to put her back on top. Instead her mistake had not only cleared the path for Jaggi to take the lead, but she’d also allowed Sara-Quita Offringa to sneak past. 

“I had half a good day today!" said Karin Jaggi. "I had a great first race where I felt really in tune with my equipment, and my result reflected that. Overall I’m stoked to be in the lead at this event now."


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PWA 2010 Korea.  Photo: Event Host

PWA Ulsan World Cup 2010: Antoine Albeau And Karin Jaggi Win In Korea

An excited Antoine Albeau and Karin Jaggi have won the PWA Ulsan World Cup tour event in Korea. Now, the pair hold the lead of their respective divisions.

PWA 2010 Korea.  Photo: Event Host

PWA Ulsan World Cup 2010: Day 5 In Korea

Antoine Albeau increases his lead at the 2010 PWA Ulsan World Cup in Korea. His competitors did not give him much of a challenge, as Day 5 was full of mistakes and false starts.

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