PWA Cabo Verde World Cup Finale Confirmed For 2010

Once again, the contest will be in roaming form to take advantage of the best possible conditions the islands have to offer.

The word is in and the PWA has confirmed that the 2010 Men's Windsurfing Final will take place on the island of Sal, Cabo Verde from the 15th through the 23rd of November.

Cabo Verde has a three-year history of successful events and it was decided to move the event to the end of the world tour in order to showcase the very best talent at one of the world's most hardcore spots.

High profile resident and recently retired PWA world champion, Josh Angulo, has played a huge role in the organization of this PWA World Cup event.

"We're firing on all cylinders at the prospect of closing the 2010 season in Cabo Verde," said Angulo. "Historically the biggest finals ever were in Hawaii and now Cabo Verde has jumped into the driver's seat with the billing of 'best windsurf spot in the world'.

With just 32 places available, the PWA is expecting an inundation of applicants who'll be eager to snatch up a wildcard position.

These could potentially be filled by the most insane riders such as former world champions, Jason Polakow , Francisco Goya, and Scott McKercher, starboard tack Ho'okipa legend Levi Siver, and board shaping master Keith Teboul.

There have even been some rumors that the father of modern wavesailing, Mark Angulo may show up to ruffle some feathers.

The old guard won't have it easy though, they'll have to fight it out with the new cream of the crop including three times world champion, Kauli Seadi who already has one Cabo Verde victory under his belt.

"The mixture of wavesailing's legends clashing their epoxy swords with the PWA warriors of today should make for one of the heaviest showdowns of all time," said an excited Angulo.

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