Epic Battle At 2011 Oakley World Pro Junior Bali

Andrew Doheny came to the 2011 Oakley World Pro Junior Bali just hoping to complete a single heat. Instead, the young American found himself in a wildly exciting Final, fighting Davey Cathels for the event title.

Davey Cathels.  Photo: ASP/RobertsonAustralian Davey Cathels claimed the 2011 Oakley World Pro Junior Bali in an epic Final battle with American Andrew Doheny.

Stop No. 1 of 3 on the ASP World Junior Tour, the Oakley World Pro Junior plays a vital role in determining the ASP World Junior Champions. The men were well aware of what was at stake and the extra pressure made for an exciting final day of competition.

The crowd was roaring as Cathels and Doheny faced off in a flurry of sets, carving and slashing the long rippable right-handers. Cathels snatched the win by gouging a couple of monster turns and launching into a massive lien air to score a 9.63 out of 10.

Davey Cathels takes the event win, $25,000 and the lead in the 2011 ASP World Junior Title Race with 10,000 ratings points.

"This is the biggest win of my career!" said Cathels. "I wasn't feeling much pressure when I was chasing that big score at all. I'm always more nervous watching other people compete than when I'm actually doing it myself."

Cathels had planned to skip the 2011 ASP World Pro Junior event in Brazil and enter an ASP PRIME event in Santa Cruz, California, but he is no longer sure.

"I was going to go to Santa Cruz, but now maybe I'll go to Brazil. I'll have to have a long think about this and talk to my Dad and manager," explained Cathels. 

Andrew Doheny didn't take home the title, but it was thrilling to see his stylish and unpredictable approach throughout the event. Doheny's second place finish earned him $10,000 and 8000 point towards the 2011 ASP World Junior Title Race.

"I'm super stoked because I'm not the best contest surfer," Doheny said. "I came here last year and lost in the first round, so I said to myself as long as I win that heat I'll be happy, then I ended up getting 2nd. I did a lot better than I thought so I'm really happy."

Kelly Slater.  Photo: ASP/Rowland

2011 Hurley Pro At Trestles: Kelly Slater Defeats Owen Wright

Kelly Slater and Owen Wright’s third consecutive Final bout marks a first in ASP history, as no two competitors have faced off in three successive ASP Dream Tour Finals.

Coco Ho.  Photo: ASP/Robertson

Coco Ho Wins 2011 Oakley World Pro Junior In Bali

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