The wilds of Tasmania ready to kick off Cold Water Classic Series

With five ASP World Qualifying Series events exploring spectacular surf spots throughout remote corners of the world, the CWC series will start in the wilds of Tasmania, Australia on March 23rd.

Preview of the Cold Water Classic Series.  Copyright: OrganiserFrom March 23 to 29, 2009 the series will venture into the far northwest corner of Tasmania, Australiaʼs island state. The town of Marrawah is Tasmaniaʼs most western settlement in an area known for its pounding Southern Ocean surf, Aboriginal sites, extensive farmland and isolated beaches.

Green Point beach is one of Australiaʼs most renowned surfing beaches, but the event remains mobile to make the most of this coastline. This is the most Southern event within professional surfing. As ambassador for the 6Star WQS event, newly signed OʼNeill rider and celebrated big wave rider, Mark Mathews is looking forward to this first stop of the OʼNeill Cold Water Classic Series.

“Iʼve been exploring the Tasmanian coastline on and off for the past seven years,” he said. “It is one of the most beautiful and at the same time, rugged coastlines in the world. Iʼve ridden the best wave of my life out there and also suffered the heaviest wipeout of my life. Iʼm proud to be an ambassador for the event as itʼs one of the most amazing surf destinations in the world.”

“I think the OʼNeill Cold Water Classic series is going to be a breath of fresh air for the WQS” he said. “The rugged coastline and large swells in Tasmania will really test all the competitors involved and will make for a spectacular action-packed event.”

On April 29 until May 6, 2009, the CWC Series then heads up to the other end of the world - to Thurso, Scotland for the already popular 6star Prime WQS event. The most northerly town on the British mainland, Thurso offers a wealth of quality reef breaks for the mobile format of the contest to take full advantage of the Scottish Highland swell. Local surfing legend, Andy Baine as well as Sam Lamiroy, a regular visitor to Scotlandʼs reef breaks, will be the two ambassadors for this event.

When the CWC Series hits South African waters for the third event on the series from June 20 to 24, 2009, it will be surfing phenomenon Jordy Smith who will be acting as ambassador for this 4 Star WQS event. “The Western Cape area is a beautiful part of South Africa,” Jordy says. “There are lots of mountain ranges and so many different bays that offer a huge variety of surf spots. You can also have four seasons in one day. It can go from hot to cold so quickly.” “My favourite wave is Misty Cliffs,” he says. “Itʼs one of the best high performance waves in the world. Iʼm looking forward to having an event of this quality in South Africa.”

Vancouver Island has been confirmed for the Canadian stop of the series from October 25 to 31, 2009. “It is one of the most incredible places you could ever hope to hold a surfing competition,” says OʼNeill Global Event manager, Bernhard Ritzer. “With the possibility of snow on the ground at that time of year, a huge variety of options when it comes to surf and lots of amazing wildlife we are delighted to be able to host what will be the first ever professional ASP event in Canada in such a prime location.” This is the coldest contest in professional surfing.

Based out of the town of Tofino, the 6 Star WQS event wonʼt fail to impress. With a world class beachbreak set up, a staggering diversity of wildlife from whales and sea lions to black bears and cougars, snow on the ground during the autumn and winter months, as well as a water temperature which drops to 8 degrees in the winter, this really is as wild as it gets. Tofino local and international competitive surfer, Noah Cohen is the event ambassador for Canada.

The Cold Water Classic series culminates at the iconic Cold Water Classic event in Santa Cruz from November 2 to 8, 2009. The 6 Star Prime competition at Steamer Lane with legendary Santa Cruz local, Jason ʻRatboyʼ Collins as ambassador will also see the crowning of the 2009 CWC Champion.

The Cold Water Classic Series will have its own dedicated CWC ranking list, with 50.000 US Dollar prize money for the overall series winner. Each event will feature its own ambassador, a surfer with an intimate and local connection to each of the areas. In addition, all events will hold trials, providing local surfers in each location the opportunity to qualify into the main event.

Kevin Pritchard.  Copyright: PWA - Andrew Buchanan

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Joel Parkinson.  Copyright: ASP/ CI/ SCHOLTZ via GETTY IMAGES

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