O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland 2010: Semifinalists Decided

After wild competition at Thurso East in Scotland, the semifinalists have been decided for the 2010 O'Neill Coldwater Classic. With some slight snowfall, the surfers can now say that they have surfed in snow.

O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland.  Photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.comThe semifinalists of the ASP 6-Star men’s O'Neill Cold Water Classic Scotland were decided on day 6 at Thurso East.  Fans witnessed impressive surfing as well as a full range of weather conditions, from sunny skies to snow flakes.

The waves were great at the start of the competition, averaging 6 feet with the incoming tide.

Glen Hall, who was defeated later by Shaun Cansdell, was dumbstruck by the snow at Thurso East.

“That was the most special heat of my life for sure. I’ll tell everyone at the pub when I’m old that it was proper full on snowing in my heat. It was cool, it was really cool but it was cold (laughs).”

Royden Bryson eliminated surfer Nathaniel Curran and became the first of the semifinalists. Bryson is no stranger to this stage of the O'Neill Cold Water Classic Scotland and has begun the countdown to his potential win.

“You always aspire to do well but when you are dealing with the ocean you never know what it will throw at you", says Bryson. "I’m happy to be just four more waves away from a victory. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is but it is one step closer.”

Yuri Sodre and Marc Lacomare battled it out at Thurso East for the chance to be a semifinalist. In the first exchange Lacomare took the upper hand with an 8.67,  followed by a 6.5 out of 10.

However, Sodre made an amazing comeback with a score a 9.57. His combined total of 17.77 trumped Lacomare’s 15.17 total.

“I had to be smart and patient and just think about each turn one at a time,” said Sodre. "This is my best result of the year and I am really excited to win and do better.”

Raoni Monteiro also made it as a semifinalist due to hsi last minute victory over O’Neill CWC Tasmania champion Stuart Kennedy. Monteiro was back to his best and despite momentarily losing the lead when Kennedy snuck under his priority the former ASP “Dream Tour” surfer waited until the final 30 seconds to regain the lead with a solid 5.5 ride.

“That was such a hard battle because Stuart (Kennedy) was such a great competitor. I had the priority on the last wave he got and I should have gone on that one.”

The ASP O'Neill Cold Water Classic Scotland is the most northern surfing event on the planet and offers surfers valuable ASP World Men’ Star points.


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Lay day.  Photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.com

O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland: Round Two Delayed

The surfers and the event organizers patiently await improved wind and wave conditions so that the 2010 O'Neill Cold Water Classic in Scotland can resume with round two.

O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland.  Photo: Event Host

O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland: Royden Bryson Wins

The second stop of the O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 comes to a close in Scotland. Surfer Royden Bryson emerges from yet another snowy morning as the winner in Thurso East.

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