O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland: Royden Bryson Wins

The second stop of the O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 comes to a close in Scotland. Surfer Royden Bryson emerges from yet another snowy morning as the winner in Thurso East.

O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland.  Photo: Event HostLord Royden Bryson is the winner of the 2010 O’Neill Cold Water Classic Scotland

“Really?! I am a Lord?” asked Royden. “I had no idea! I was just so happy with the ASP ratings points and the $20,000 from this competition as well as that highland sword. That’s amazing that I have land and am a Lord!”

Perfect wave conditions set the stage for the Finals as Royden Bryson and Yuri Sodre faced off in the final heat of this 2010 competition at Thurso East. However, it took 25 minutes for Bryson to get a wave, with a restart after 10 minutes while the swell had a temporary little break.

“I was just worried about staying warm out there,” said Royden. “It was a long time in the water.”

 When he finally got his first wave, it proved to be worth the wait since he posted an 8.33, followed by a 5.50.

“I am just so excited to win,” said Royden Bryson. “I feel like I’ve had a lot of close results recently. And to actually get there and win again feels amazing.”

Shaun surfed a high scoring close semi final heat against eventual winner Royden Bryson starting at 7.30am as the snow and frost started to melt from the surrounding fields

“I got up really early this morning – about 5am to go for a freesurf,” said semi finalist Shaun Cansdell. “There was snow everywhere. I couldn’t even see out of the car window – everything was frozen. I was so stoked I did it. It was such a nice morning”

“The waves were pumping,” said Shaun. “It really came together for the final. I haven’t had a result in a while so I am so happy to get third."

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic Series will resume in Cape Town, South Africa for the third event of the season.  Once again, the surfers will battle it out for CWC Series ratings points and a final prize of $50,000 for the series winner.

Currently, tied in first are CWC Tasmania winner Stuart Kennedy, and Royden Bryson.

“I think me and Stu are equal at the moment. I got quarters here and he got quarters in Tasmania,” said Royden. “It will be good to go to South Africa now – my home turf and see what happens there. But yeah, that $50,000 is definitely on my mind now.”


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Lay day.  Photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.com

O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland: Round Two Delayed

The surfers and the event organizers patiently await improved wind and wave conditions so that the 2010 O'Neill Cold Water Classic in Scotland can resume with round two.

O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland.  Photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.com

O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland 2010: Semifinalists Decided

After wild competition at Thurso East in Scotland, the semifinalists have been decided for the 2010 O'Neill Coldwater Classic. With some slight snowfall, the surfers can now say that they have surfed in snow.

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