O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland: Nathaniel Curran

The American presence was felt at the 2010 Coldwater Classic in Scotland as Californian Nathaniel Curran gave an excellent performance and placed fifth in the event finals.

Nathaniel Curran.  Photo: ASPThe 25 year old Nathaniel Curran of California was in top form at the ASP O’Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland, landing in fifth place and collecting a good amount of ratings points.

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic series is not only a great chance to pick up ratings points for the ASP World Title, but also offers prize money for the top finisher of the five events.

Although Curran decided against free-surfing before his heat, the the young Californian has established himself as a significant threat at the ASP 6-Star event.  Before falling to event winner Royden Bryson, Nathaniel Curran eliminated South African up-and-comer Shaun Joubert.

"I didn't get a free surf this morning because I didn't want to get too cold,” Curran said. “The first couple of minutes, I just wanted to get into a rhythm and catch a lot of waves. There are some good ones, but sometimes it’s a bit hard to figure out what to do. It's fun, just a bit chilly though."

Nathaniel Curran was thrilled with the ratings points he had gained at the Coldwater Classic in Scotland and was comfortable in the icey Scottish water.

"I've been here once two years ago and made a couple of heats so really stoked to get a result here,” Curran said. “I don't mind the rubber so I'm stoked."

Nathaniel Curran plans to resume his 2010 campaign at the ASP PRIME 6.0 Lowers Pro, which is scheduled to be held from May 4-8.


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O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland.  Photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.com

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O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 Scotland.  Photo: Event Host

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